Tianjin neck connecting rod milling nc machine tools bidding procurement announcements

Tender number: 0029 0615-12401205 bidding agent: Tianjin international tendering Co., Ltd., the owner units: – the registration deadline: the 2012-06-05 district: Tianjin industry: mechanical equipment project name: Tianjin auto works Xiali Automobile Co., ltd. CA3GA2 cut inside the crankshaft milling equipment procurement bidding number: 0029 Tianjin 0615-12401205 international tendering Co., Ltd., authorized by the buyer for the following products and services of international competitive bidding and traditional bidding is adopted in this bidding process, now invites eligible bidders to participate in bidding.1, bidding product name, quantity, and main technical parameters: crankshaft main journal and neck connecting rod milling nc machine tools for: 1, 2, the tender documents the tender documents for the following (sold after the tender is not retreated, mail plus 50 yuan, the domestic foreign plus $50) : us $238 or RMB 1500 time: 3, buy the tender documents from now on every day (except holidays), 9:00 to 17:00 PM (Beijing time) 4, where to buy the tender documents: China tianjin hexi district room 102 19 jinnan road 5, deadline for bids submission\/time of bid opening: 2012-06-05 09:30 6, the place of opening bids: tianjin international tendering co., LTD. (China tianjin hexi district who jinnan road 19 201 bid opening room) address: China tianjin hexi district who jinnan road 19 zip code: 300060 E-mail: [email & # 160; protected] telephone: (022)23556650 fax: (022) 23556650 contact: ms ms Xiong Guanyun Guo Meng bank (RMB) : zijin mountain road branch of everbright bank account opening bank (us $) : bank of China, tianjin branch account number (RMB) : account no. 087557120100304007426 (us $) : 280460037306