Tool market stop falling But the transformation and upgrading a long way to go

On July 19 and 20,

2017, China’s machine tool industry association tool branch 2017 financial prices and information statistical work conference held in yinchuan, from industry to more than 30 backbone enterprise financial management and statistics, head of the staff and the branch secretariat staff attended the meeting, always Du Zhijiang information statistics department director at the meeting.Meeting shall be presided over by tool branch Hu Gongbing secretary-general.

conference heard the honorary President of the branch shen commented on behalf of the branch secretariat by titled & otherTool industry in mid – 2017 development situation analysis & throughout;In the report.Report detailed introduces the tool industry in China from 2016 to 2017 in the first half of the market operation.Tool industry sales situation, 2016 & other;Before or after the young & throughout;To describe: the tool enterprise sales year-on-year decline in quarterly basis, to the fourth quarter from negative to positive, implements the stranger positive growth.Look from throughout the year, the market gained momentum, recovery trend is clear.According to the report, the market rebound, thanks in part to the vast number of enterprises in recent years, the progress made in management and structure adjustment, but the main motivation is the impact of policy and periodicity.Tool enterprises should unswervingly implement & other;The structure, promoting the transformation & throughout;Development strategy, fundamentally improve the competition ability of the enterprise.In the transformation and upgrading of our country’s economy, enterprises should play a role of good market main body, shoulder more social responsibilities.

Du Zhijiang director & other;Throughout the current running situation overview machine tool industry &;, through a large amount of data and charts to delegates analyzed the operation of the current state of the machine tool and tool industry situation and market change: 2017 machine tools industry consumption is expected to small growth or flat, compared to the same industry will stabilise picks up, running and export decline in imports will narrow.Du always is introduced in the paper industry, director of the information statistics about business to upgrade, encourage member enterprises to actively participate in related activities.

branch secretariat to the meeting on the part of tool industry standard products production cost and the research of the sale price, conveys the resolutions of the branch of the standing council of financial price work summarizes the tool industry since last year, quarterly reports and monthly letters annual statistical reports on the classification statistics and feedback.Delegates to the in-depth exchanges in order to strengthen the management of product prices, authors and increase the information statistics work experience and ideas.

delegates to think, in the changing market situation, industry financial work and price information more highlights the importance of statistical work for enterprise management decision-making, the convening of the meeting will further promote the tool industry enterprise information statistical work and the improvement of management level.