Trinity precision machine 9 new high-end machine strong-arm reaction nc machine tool exhibition in China

Trinity precision machine on April 16, with 9 models appear on the 7th China international high-end machine tool numerical control machine tool exhibition (CCMT2012).First exhibition, trinity fine machine has won numerous audience stop to visit, sold machine 6 sets, value 2000 ten thousand yuan, with nearly 300 customers deeply, lock 1 billion yuan demand information.Trinity precision machine with 9 models appear on the 7th China international high-end machine tool numerical control machine tool exhibition (CCMT2012) with a long cycle machine tool product technical reserves, generally have four to five years, the trinity precision machine with only 2 years time, took out his own high-end products, innovation, speed and strength to industry.S trinity fine machine field sales twenty million according to introducing, trinity machine this exhibition the machine cover gantry machining center, horizontal milling boring machining center, vertical machining center, floor-type milling boring machining center, CNC vertical turret lathe, inverted vertical CNC lathe, CNC skiving machine, horizontal roller turning center, etc. The machine tool.Among them, seven axis five linkage gantry machining center, horizontal milling boring machining center and floor-type milling boring machining center three sets of large equipment by an enterprise in the same exhibition, the first in the country.Trinity precision machine first stop to visit the exhibition has won numerous audiences, sold machine 6 sets, value 2000 ten thousand yuan, with nearly 300 customers deeply, lock 1 billion yuan of demand information, become “king of popularity of the exhibition hall.When it comes to the trinity of pure machine products, a Shanghai auto enterprise production manufacturing and technical personnel.Trinity of pure machine products, he said, high starting point, appearance design is very personality, sheet metal structure and metallic color collocation, refreshing, “both handling and processing precision are all very good, embodies the pursuit of quality is rigorous, careful.”Honorary President of the China machine tool industry association Yu Chengting after visiting the trinity of pure machine booth said: “the trinity fine machine product technology high starting point, developing at a breathtaking pace, and quickly won the high-end requirements of business opportunities.”The event, the trinity of pure machine not only by the industry distributors, industry experts attention and high praise, but also by the central people’s broadcasting station, science and technology daily, economic daily and so on more than 30 competing media coverage.S two new products made “CCMT2012 ChunYanJiang” the trinity fine machine exhibition seven axis five linkage of two nc machine gantry machining center, horizontal milling boring machining center was awarded “CCMT2012 ChunYanJiang”.”CCMT2012 ChunYanJiang” is one of successive CCMT centerpiece of the exhibition, the selection committee composed of famous expert in machine tool industry.Compared to traditional product, a process with the 317 five axis linkage gantry machining center can replace the traditional process of 12 working procedure, the efficiency increased by more than 10 times.Product can service military-industrial complex, aerospace, wind energy, rail transportation, shipping industries such as bulk complex curved surface machining.Horizontal milling boring machining center, the idea of modular design, greatly improve the machine, the compatibility between the various modules and shorten the delivery time of machine tool.The whole machine adopts full protection system with independent patent technology, innovation of the three dimensional spray system improves the management level of the machine tool unmanned.”To be able to develop such high quality products, fully demonstrated the trinity fine machine solid r&d strength.”Ceremony, the head of a mechanical and electrical equipment company so sigh with emotion.S overall solution to build the core competitiveness in the afternoon on April 17, trinity fine machine in the center of the nanjing jinling meeting held entitled “break technophobia, catch up with the international level of technical seminars, caused widespread concern, especially” total solution “, walk in the forefront of world machine tool technology and trends.”Overall solutions” refers to the trinity fine machine will provide tailored for global users complete machining solutions and services, including industrial, production lines, the solution integration, digital factory, supply logistics equipment and turn-key project.Industry experts believe that trinity fine machine has entered the “first phalanx” the strength of China’s machine tool industry.According to introducing, at present, the trinity, numerical control machine set up the machine research institute institute, institute in Germany, a total of more than 600 research and development personnel, established in Germany, Japan is the only one domestic research and development center of China machine tool enterprise, the whole process realized the domestic and foreign professional research and development institutions interactive concurrent design, the key features all the overseas development.In addition, the trinity fine machine set up its own industrial design, cooperation with the professional design company, the machine appearance to “visual house transforming, protective furniture” personality effect.Trinity of pure machine machine also blended in ergonomic design, pay more attention to the operator use feeling, and in a safe, pleasant, and environmental protection technology breakthrough innovation.(this article from trinity fine machine Dong Liming)