Every industrial revolution gave rise to a number of new forms and new mode, with a major change in the products, services and manufacturing.& other;Industry throughout the Internet &;And & other4.0 throughout & industry;Represents the nascent a new round of industrial revolution, embodies the new depth integration of information technology and manufacturing, will completely change the manufacturing industry chain and value chain and industry mode, and deeply influenced the global manufacturing changes.First, manufacturing design transfers from the real physical space to the virtual digital space.Use of big data, cloud computing and design software technology, used for whole life cycle of products, with rich design knowledge base and technical support of digital simulation, intelligent design system, the virtual reality, computer network, database and other technical support, can be in the number of virtual environment in parallel, together to realize the fully digital product design, structure, performance, functional simulation and simulation optimization greatly improve the quality of the product design and a research and development success rate, shorten the product cycle, reduce product development costs, improve product market competition.Virtual product development mode for manufacturing innovation cycle shortened, customer demand diversification, etc. To provide the most powerful support.Second, the manufacturing production mode, mass and standardized by the push production to the market demand of mass customization production shift.Represented by intelligent factory future manufacturing based on network a entity of physical fusion system, realize the digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing equipment, the production process of computer aided planning and optimization, can significantly enhance the function of the production system, the performance and the degree of automation, make the manufacturing system to the flexible manufacturing system, intelligent digital, intelligent digital factory, workshop and develop in the direction of intelligent manufacturing system, make the resource at the lowest energy consumption make it possible for each customer to provide the optimization of the product;At the same time, the use of industrial control system and monitoring robot to replace human labor for the most part, can save the manpower cost, improve production efficiency and quality.Intelligent production mode will provide customers efficiently meet personalized needs of high quality customized products, made it possible to mass customisation, customized production.Finally, making the realization of the value form of tangible products to provide the overall solution.A new generation of information technology and manufacturing the depth of the fusion, will make the enterprise to realize the product whole life cycle of the elements of each link, each business, collaborative planning and decision-making optimization management, improve the enterprise’s market reaction speed, and provide customers with the optimization of the overall solution.The Internet, the development of new information technologies, such as large data lead to communication between customers and enterprises become more effective, enterprises can more fully understand the function of the customer for the product in a timely manner, style, packaging and other aspects of demand, on the basis of intelligent production complete to meet the requirements of product manufacturing;At the same time also can realize the detection, the maintenance function, reduce product cost and maintenance cost, to provide customers with optimal solutions.The manufacturing will realize from the product as the center to take the customer as the center of a fundamental shift, manufacturing enterprises to transform from production-oriented enterprises to service-oriented businesses.(the original title: & other;Industry throughout the Internet &;And “industrial 4. 0” will bring profound changes to manufacturing) (source: today’s headlines)