University-enterprise cooperation avail the development of vocational education is urgently needed

Recently, & other;& lsquo;Don’t forget to hand in his mind & rsquo;University-enterprise cooperation peak BBS & throughout;Held in hangzhou vocational and technical college, experts and scholars from mainstream vocational education and enterprise, how to deepen the fusion, between production and education to new era topic discussed in-depth exchanges and cooperation, more and more people in the industry began to realize the importance of manufacturing in cultivating talents.& other;Don’t forget to hand in his mind & throughout;University-enterprise cooperation peak BBS for traditional manufacturing, with upgrade equipment automation, more and more factory workers need to enrich themselves, constantly learning automation production experience.Now the factory is no longer in people’s impression before & other;”Thirty-three & throughout;, a lot of advanced equipment of the production workshop and have strict requirements on temperature and dust density.More automation production equipment must need a lot of professional personnel to operate and use, but how to cultivate these professionals, such problems as how to better suit and industry, have become an important problem for the vocational education today.On the BBS, zhejiang mechanical and electrical professional technology institute director Mr Jin-chang ding said: & other;Intelligent era need operation of the machine operator, installation, debugging, maintenance, maintenance, transformation programmer, etc., it is intelligent need talent, if know this problem is not good, many years later we trained students will find work.Throughout the &;It is true that in today’s society is not the lack of traditional technology talents, but under the trend of manufacturing industry to upgrade, after vocational education training system of intelligent talent more quickly adapt to the factory production work.As vice President of Chinese vocational education society, China normal university adult education institute, professor, doctoral supervisor Shi Weiping think, transformation in the development of the enterprise, in the intelligent manufacturing, Internet + vocational education, staff training and promotion, etc., all need the vocational colleges services in the area.Need with applied undergraduate colleges and vocational colleges to study, do better service to the new industry development in the area.As early as in 2008, hangzhou vocational and technical college with friend jia group founded friend jia institute of electrical and mechanical, kick-starts & other;The government leading, enterprise main body, the school leading & throughout;The & other;Community between colleges & throughout;After school-running pattern, this pattern is numerous national reference and application in higher vocational colleges, and therefore won the 2014 national teaching achievement first prize.Today, university-enterprise cooperation has become many enterprises to carry out technical innovation, personnel training important way.Through the school can not only train more young technical personnel, can also be old staff to provide technical training for the enterprise, in addition, colleges and universities can provide a steady stream of innovation for enterprise technology development strength.Now at home, docking between production work has become to promote enterprise technology progress and industrial transformation and upgrading, improve the level of training applied talents quality engineering, and easing social employment structural contradictions, better serve the local economic and social development of the people’s livelihood project.At the scene of the BBS, hangzhou vocational and technical college with friends jia group signed a new decade of strategic cooperation agreement, the agreement to the input equipment, teachers, and teaching content are carried out further.It is understood that in the process of integration between the two sides depth, friends nc machine tool maintenance center, lean manufacturing center and enterprise training center as a whole in the campus, with businesses invest synchronization, real-time updates, and industrial development of equipment is 18 million yuan, also offer friend jia institute of electrical and mechanical equipment 50 (set), value of more than 3000 3000 yuan;20 resident enterprise technician school to participate in teaching, build the forklift research institute, the nc machining service 4 s shop.Vocational education is the important link in the process of China’s manufacturing industry, attaches great importance to the technical personnel is need to pay attention to the whole industry and social problem.Vigorously develop vocational education, extensive industry-university-institute cooperation, to make the manufacturing with fresh blood and the technology of constant innovation, promoting the development of manufacturing industry in our country steadily.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)