Village cropland machinery is rolled out lade new model of the main shaft activity of exercise automation lathe

 Village cropland machinery developed main shaft activity lathe ” MV200 ” . Chuck dimension is diametical 250mm. Be 205mm with chuck diameter ” MV120 ” identical, although use model for the hand,its characteristic is, came true to carry work by main shaft chuck however. Need not make installing preform to wait to main shaft chuck lade exercise.

Because can tear open outfit workpiece from chuck of tendercy main shaft, accordingly, move type photograph to compare with the hand, operation error is less, tear open outfit time shorter also. Lathe makes preform is machined below the to load when machining in work staff, until take out already completed work till, the time that place of this a chain of movement spends is 3 seconds (this company is measured) . The automation that works through lading, rose average machinery of exercisable of personnel of every master course of study is counted.

When much stage MV200 arranges compositive product line, as a result of working procedure by artificial bearer, accordingly, satisfy the requirement that working procedure changes his costume or dress more easily. Additional, still but compose is built suit to undertake varietal and variable sheet manufacturing product line.

Respect of fast feed career, x/Z axis is 40m/ cent and 30m/ cent respectively. Can machine below standard circumstance most greatly the workpiece of long 100mm of diametical 200mm × . Turn except 10 horn servo besides the head, still installed auxiliary whorl to comb stage of knife cutting tool. Can deploy on stage of this cutting tool rotate cutting tool component, go burr component and grinder component, the concentration that realizes working procedure thereby is installed.