Waste paper goes up 1 wool, bale the station can earn on 1000 yuan of additional profit

Recently, a “ uncle bathe to waste paper, next cool do the video that sells ” wide inside course of study to circulate. Video presentation, one went up the uncle of age is carrying one car hundreds of jins waste paper heads for river side, soak its, the resale after plan air sells waste paper to reclaim station.
Uncle expresses, after water of waste paper bubble, can add weight, eliminate reclaims the cost of waste paper, one car can earn a hundred or so to come the profit of a money. First no matter the behavior of uncle is correct, look only from its profit, it may be said of waste paper price is to be in higher price. Not come singly but in pairs, waste paper reclaims station personage also expresses, reclaim at present the profit of waste paper is higher, go up the additional profit that one wool can increase on 1000 yuan.
   Waste paper price rises continuously, one year old newspaper can sell 100 come yuan
Recently, waste paper price is greeted once more rise passageway, successional a few days, mill of paper of countrywide much ground is in on tone waste paper reclaims valence. This one circumstance besides let uncle play tricks to waste paper besides, also attracted more personages to be made reclaim the business of waste paper. Be in city of Fujian Province Xiamen, the Laozheng that joins in generation of ” of “ blue inn receives express delivery originally begins to reclaim had paper case.
He with 7 wool money a jin price reclaims paper box, your many neighbour feel accident, after all waste paper can sell two 3 wool every jins fund only before. So, is what Laozheng does business of lose money in business? Still do not have really, short month, of box of useless old paper, newspaper reclaim the price rises continuously, nowadays, common reclaim the dot reclaims waste paper is in 7 Maowu is controlled, can sell 9 wool money high a jin most.
And all these, concern with the paper ” with mad recently “ . The station is bought in a reject inside, citizen Laozhang sells all newspaper that had read last year, via saying to weigh, in all more than jins 130, sold more than 100 yuan. Laozhang expresses, before newspaper of two years also cannot sell scrape up so much fund.
   Waste paper buying and selling resembles doing futures, steep fall soare heartbeat making a person
Ms. Chen that is engaged in reject reclaiming more than 10 years expresses, waste paper reclaims the condition that valence reverses a few days one time happens from time to tome this year. Can not see every jins of waste paper just need a money of a few wool, but stand to can receiving the major of 67 tons of waste paper to reclaim everyday for, go up the ” of “ additional gain that one wool can bring on 1000 yuan.
Ms. Chen still expresses, the waste paper buying and selling of the near future the sense that made futures: Before two months, waste paper or 3 wool money a jin, now in inn reclaim valence is 7 wool 5, if that moment does not have skill, now is hundred thousands of yuan gain. Nevertheless, dare not stay too much, after all waste paper price rises drop frequent.
Will come in November last year in December, waste paper reclaims valence upsurges all the way, can steep fall quickly again subsequently, money of Ms. Chen store up is not much, but also deficit tens of thousands of yuan. Now year, waste paper reclaims although valence maintains on the whole rise go situation, but rise and fall as before errant, go up a little while, drop a little while, accordingly she not dare store up is too much goods, be afraid that the risk is too big.
The personage inside course of study expresses, waste paper rises in price, its germ is to demand exceeds supply. At present quantity of sheet of day of domestic express delivery has been achieved 100 million, brought about the market to be opposite the increase sharply of paper box demand. In the meantime, because environmental protection is new politics carry out, factory of domestic paper box is supplied decrease, occurrence supply and demand is lopsided. In addition, the country prohibits clearly importing come from the waste paper without sorting, cut off cheap the afflux of waste paper.
And if want to reduce waste paper price to go up,drop frequent circumstance, the most effective method should be to strengthen paper box to reclaim. As we have learned, after a ton of waste paper reclaims, can produce 0.8 tons of pulp only about. If encourage,begin box of professional express paper to reclaim, advocate the circumstance that in intensity enough, exterior accords with demand to fall, as far as possible box of paper of repeated usage express, can improve current situation effectively, stabilize waste paper, papermaking thereby, it is the price of the market that pack even.