Yunnan CY group rolls out one lot number to control machine tool new product

Recently, new 2013 product recommends limited company of Yunnan CY group and the seminar is held in Kunming of highland spring city, new product is about to turn the numerical control machine tool of 8 newest research and development such as vertical machining center and lathe of lathe of economy numerical control, tall stiffness numerical control, vertical lathe to the market. The new product that came from many 140 honored guest of more than 100 agent of domestic and key user to join this company is recommended and seminar. Recommend in new product and on the seminar, cui Peijiang of this company president parsed the understanding of current China economic situation and judgement to each honored guest. Point out, a lot of machine tools of CY product and home make manufacturer same, the competition ability of medium, high-grade product is very fragile, produce can the structure is unreasonable, the product is coessential change competitive aggravate, affect the competition of as famous as course of study of international person of the same trade transnational corporation greatly, force our home machine tool to create a company must comprehensive transition upgrades, competitive central issue also will turn into from dimensions growth development manner change. Emphasize pointing out, yunnan CY group must carry out strategic change and transition to upgrade with all one’s strength, ability advances CY group to develop continuously. It is around user demand, sound market function; 2 it is tamp foundation, promote a product competitive capability; 3 it is attention process control, promote level of management in the round, implement simple change; 4 it is compose builds socialization capacity, increase CY brand business praise; 5 it is comprehensive promotion quality of enterprise, stimulative company transition upgrades. As we have learned, 2012, this company lifts CY group to change adjustment thought upsurge, advance in the round change innovation. Break the administrative origanization construction that a few years traditional production plant controls, change for ” it is a center with the market and client ” mix model origanization construction, enterprise all thoughts, behavior is nodded for attention with the market and client, subsidiary of 8 big sales, interior held water in domestic international 5 product line create unit with 5. Innovation sale mode. Will be the agential service, function reach that serves for the market to be carried to the market, 0 distances and user are communicated, thorough knowledge user is specific demand, promote major project, medium high-end product goes against the raise on situation, obtain a project to grow 78% , gain ground model numerical control, in establishing a car to wait, high-grade product sale grows considerably. Exert oneself advances overseas market to sell. Make overseas sales revenue reachs 20.07 million dollar, in home course of study of person of the same trade exports be among the best of candidates. In the meantime, adopt special rule step and measure, have product structural adjustment quickly. Interior is bibcock with product line, puissant pull those who move raw production to organize mode to change innovation. Establish the measure such as the fundamental management system that is core with finance affairs, make this company accelerates a product to upgrade ceaselessly replacement rate, utmost ground satisfies the requirement of the market and user. A lot of agents and key user say, new Year beginning, limited company of Yunnan CY group holds new product to recommend and seminar, with 8 brand-new numerical control new product presents agent and key user, this is one of strong step that production company of domestic machine tool answers the market and user demand change actively, raised the hope that the agent sells to machine tool of card of home made product not only, also increased an user to use the resolution of machine tool of card of home made product. In the meantime, reveal this company to devote oneself to company transition to adjust, the product upgrades replacement, market of press close to, satisfy an user, develop domestic and international the boldness of two big markets. Cordial hope home’s numerous machine tool makes manufacturer to CY group same, establish truly ” it is a center with the market and user demand ” management thought.