Zhuzhou diamond tool technology seminars and customer experience activity was held successfully

On December 6, zhuzhou diamond cutting tools co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Zhuzhou diamond & throughout;)Grandly hold & other;Space tool applied technology research and customer experience & throughout;Activities, from Beijing institute of machinery, hubei sanjiang space red Yang machinery co., LTD., shenyang machine tool, nice, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, optimal 15 aerospace manufacturing enterprises such as 50 experts, professors, and customer representatives gathered, Shared space tool event.Activity shall be presided over by zhuzhou diamond Shang Aimin chief technology officer.Zhuzhou diamond general manager lee took part in the activity and welcome address.Lee on behalf of the company all staff to the guests warm welcome and thank you, and said: & other;Cutting tool is known as & lsquo;The teeth of industrial & rsquo;, as a national innovative enterprises, national torch plan key high-tech enterprises, the national standardization technical committee CNC team leader of tools unit, zhuzhou diamond lead and promote the development of the domestic cemented carbide cutting industry.In recent years, zhuzhou diamond growth rapidly.Company products is growing, constantly enhance its capability of quality control.Common key issues in the cutting tool industry and made breakthroughs in key areas, comprehensively enhance the level of product technology, product development have made substantial progress.Zhuzhou diamond every step of the development is inseparable from the concern and support of the masses of user’s friends & throughout;.Company general manager lee welcome address company technical director activity Shang Aimin expert technical seminars in aerospace application technology seminar, from the company, Beijing institute of machinery, hubei sanjiang spaceflight red Yang machinery co., LTD., shenyang machine tool, nice, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics and other enterprises and institutions of a number of experts, for the cutting tool application technology has carried on the thorough discussion;Of the application of cutting tools in the aerospace industry, space in the engine tool application and technology research, modern CNC machining engineering application and numerical control machine tool and nc machining process of the digital and intelligent made a special report on the professional and technical fields such as research.Company deputy general manager, researcher level senior engineer She-quan wang development system of zhuzhou diamond substrate material and coating technology, groove type and structure design and application research of tools, etc.In recent years, zhuzhou diamond by undertake national major projects of science and technology, the power of independent innovation, in the aerospace, 30 has developed a series of new products with independent intellectual property rights, to fill the domestic blank of cutting tools in the aerospace parts processing, set up the domestic titanium alloy, high temperature alloy with efficient indexable tool system.Companies to develop composites tool standard series, solve in the field of aviation\/aerospace glass\/carbon fiber and titanium\/aluminum\/carbon fiber layer material mechanical problems in drilling or milling, improve the tool life.Established the high temperature alloy, titanium alloy parts processing as the main target of aeroengine cutting tool system and on the target of titanium alloy, high strength steel, aluminum alloy structure of the cutting tool system.The company is committed to the 3 p processing concept, that is, better machining quality, higher efficiency, lower production costs, sustained tool structure optimization, the cutting tool material improvement and process optimization work, carried out based on workpiece surface integrity of space tool application research, etc.Typical parts in the future, the company will start difficult-to-machine materials domestic law of tool wear and machining surface integrity control, the study of cutting database space difficult-to-machine materials, hard processing material performance contrast test tool processing at home and abroad as well as the material, coating, structure optimization, the successful application in the aerospace industry, for the industrial safety guarantees autonomous control of, through the key technology research for aerospace parts processing, together promote China’s space industry domain manufacturing ability, level and efficiency.Beijing machinery research institute, director of the technologist Liu Yueping machinery research institute was founded in 1957 in Beijing on December 3rd, is key research of China’s aerospace power production units.Liu Yueping introduces the main characteristics and space in the engine, typical products and cutting tool application, introduced the localization technology research, she says, zhuzhou diamond cutting tools co., LTD., both inside and outside the use of the turning tool, milling cutter tool performance with foreign tools, with high cost performance.Hubei sanjiang spaceflight red Yang machinery co., LTD., process the total teacher Wang Huaqiao Wang Huaqiao modern CNC processing and engineering application are introduced, mainly introduces the CNC machining system, large blade milling simulation and selection, feed milling and its application, numerical control milling type high efficient cutting, high speed cutting and line cutting processing, deformation mechanism and prospects of content, such as for the participants brought a feast to the modern nc machining.Shenyang machine tool nice technical director Zhang liang shenyang machine tool group in December 1995 through to the three major machine tool plant in shenyang established after the assets reorganization, consist of kunming shenyang clusters, cluster and cluster in Germany.Zhang liang in the new ecological power space sector report introduces the shenyang machine tool used in aerospace products, technology research and product experience.He offered to the market demand of the reform of the upheaval in innovation, and introduces the shenyang machine tool younis process of transition from manufacturing to service.Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics doctoral tutor professor liu liu, intelligent manufacturing is the inevitable trend of manufacturing development, based on a new generation of ICT with AMT depth fusion, throughout the design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activities of each link, have self awareness, self-study, the decision-making, execution and adaptive function of new mode of production.High quality, high efficiency, low consumption, green is the eternal theme in manufacturing technology.Large, complex component stable high speed milling machining technology is put forward a variety of cutting force model of milling dynamics modeling and stability prediction method of high speed milling chatter stability domain;Put forward & other;Machine tool – part & throughout;Under the constraint of nc milling parameter optimization method, independent research and development of nc cutting dynamics simulation optimization system and process database, realized the engineering application;Invented and developed suitable for different materials and structure of passive damping vibration absorption system.Composite cutting tools and cutting database technology standard series solved in the field of aviation\/aerospace glass\/carbon fiber material, and titanium\/aluminum\/carbon fiber layer material mechanical problems in drilling or milling, improve tool life.Intelligent machine tool is a perception of machine tools and processing information, data analysis, optimization decision-making, such as adaptive control and general network interconnection ability of high performance CNC machine tools.The next generation of nc machine tools is the development direction of intelligent machine tools, at present, the intelligent machine prototype system and the key technology solutions are studied.Product demonstration experience after the end of discussion, the participants visited the company CNC blade factory, whole cutting tool factory and office products, and key to watch the product cutting demonstration.In cutting laboratory research and development center, the company show the chip breaker of high temperature alloy, efficient processing, efficient processing of composite materials, presentations, four groups of high-effect processing cutting of titanium alloy and on the regulation of digital display boring tool of digital display.At the same time, the company also shows the ZCCCT cutting database, cutting temperature test platform, the cutting force detector, high speed camera system and other auxiliary system, the participants lively interaction with the live demonstration.Grouping technique discussed in grouping technique discussion, experts are divided into four groups, & other;W – 7 cu, titanium alloy, low expansion alloys, high temperature alloy difficult-to-machine materials such as cutting tool application and choose knife & throughout;, & other;Plant, drilling and cutting database is introduced and the subject achievements plan & throughout;, & other;Plant drill indexable insert cutting tools and cutting tool application and selection & throughout;, & other;Composite material experiment progress and cutting tool application & throughout;Such as project has carried on the deep discussion and communication.Technology & other;Space tool applied technology research and customer experience & throughout;Activities in the state major projects as an opportunity to further strengthen the zhuzhou diamond with the domestic each big business enterprise of space users, fully explore the aerospace manufacturing technology and development trends, to promote industry development.Aerospace manufacturing industry is an important part of the wehrmacht industry, in the aerospace manufacturing industry, the cutting tool and its application technology is one of the key technologies, manufacturing of aerospace parts is of great significance.In recent years, our country’s aerospace tool localization project gradually, achievements, but still localization rate is not high, the current space tool mainly rely on import, the limitations of is very large, space localization is the problem to be solved.Zhuzhou diamond with aerospace manufacturing enterprises, actively carry out technical research in the cutting tool, the composites processing, milling titanium alloy, high temperature alloy cutting and grooving has made certain achievements and progress, composites processing cutting tool, for example, composites milling cutter series, composites drilling tool series products such as in such aspects as the service life of the cutting force, with foreign tool level, some performance even better than that of foreign products.The company strive for with a strong brand strength, professional service team, rich product line and perfect supporting solutions & other;Intelligent manufacturing throughout 2025 &;.(the original title: company grandly hold & other;Space tool applied technology research and customer experience & throughout;Activities) (source: zhuzhou diamond cutting tools co., LTD.)