5.18 fair opening of langfang Beijing-tianjin-hebei industry collaboration to depth of fusion

On May 19, in 5 & middot;18 fair international cooperation capacity ZhanZhu pavilion, a visitor in langfang carved CNC machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., research and development of new products.Carved technology co., LTD. The company is Beijing in langfang in the construction of a wholly owned subsidiary, main products carved CNC engraving machine with 31 national patents and eight counts of software copyright, widely used in mobile phone accessories processing, precision mold products more than 20 industries, such as fine processing and characteristics.Beijing-tianjin-hebei

conference on artificial intelligence and robotics industry high-end released, jingjinji tourist cooperation projects and tourism promotion seminar & hellip;& hellip;In 2017 China & middot;Langfang international economic and trade fair (hereinafter referred to as 5 & middot; 18 symposium), between the beijing-tianjin-hebei industry become one of the key projects and docking activities.
industry docking content escalating, industry docking mode continuous innovation & ndash;& ndash;In 5 & middot;18 fair process, journalists feel, beijing-tianjin-hebei industry collaboration is heading for depth of fusion.
industry docking content escalating & other;Advanced & throughout;Project lead, & other;Beijing throughout development, hebei manufacturing &;
& other trend is more and more obvious;In zhangjiakou construction hydrogen fuel cell engine production base, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, the first phase of the project with an annual output of 2000 units of hydrogen fuel cell engine, the second phase of the annual output of 10000 units.Throughout the &;This is Beijing billion huatong technology company with qiaodong district government zhangjiakou in the 5 & middot;The main content of the cooperation projects signed 18 symposium.Beijing
huatong technology company, is currently the only company in our country the fuel cell engine system integrators, began operating in Beijing in 2006 the first hydrogen filling station.Company with r&d base in Beijing, and involved in all of China’s development of fuel cell bus to work.
& other;Production base in zhangjiakou construction, can effectively integrate the hydrogen fuel cell power system, vehicle manufacturing and social operating vehicles such as hydrogen production chain of each link, the zhangjiakou city into a national hydrogen.Throughout the &;The relevant person in charge of Beijing billion huatong technology company said.
in 5 & middot;18 symposium, process engineering research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and hengshui city high-tech zone signed the cooperation agreement.According to the agreement, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of process engineering will invest 9.8 billion yuan in new energy and new materials of the Chinese academy of hengshui city high-tech industrial vanadium titanium all projects, including construction of vanadium battery equipment laboratory, pilot platform and standard production workshop and so on.Project construction period is three years, completed the year after sales will reach 10 billion yuan.Whether
huatong in zhangjiakou manufacturing hydrogen fuel cell engine, or process engineering research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and hengshui city high-tech zone of cooperation, they convey the message: jing ji industrial docking content stride towards & other;Advanced & throughout;, & other;Beijing throughout development, hebei manufacturing &;The trend is more and more obvious.
in this symposium, Beijing and the development of science and technology co., LTD. Invested 2.5 billion yuan to build big data perception experience center and application project, Beijing donghua software companies to invest 2 billion yuan to build cloud platform system and cloud data research application project & hellip;& hellip;A series of & other;Or moving cloud wisdom & throughout;In the field of project in hebei, & other;Advanced & throughout;Projects are singing beijing-tianjin-hebei industry collaboration in the role of drama.During the
participants, ao, bo (Beijing) intelligent technology co., LTD., general manager of Laos, said compared with the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the traditional areas of manufacturing and supporting industry in hebei province also has a certain gap, but the artificial intelligence, such as large data industry chain is shorter, the industrial supporting requirements is not very high, and the Beijing and tianjin has very good talent and technology advantages.Hebei province should seize the opportunity, take the initiative to undertake industry transfer, will be promising.
(the original title: cooperation projects & other advanced & throughout; butt joint collaboration innovative & ndash; more & ndash; from 5 & middot; 18 symposium beijing-tianjin-hebei industry towards depth fusion) (source: hebei daily)