A part of “unmanned factory” automatic numerical control lathe, rounding

In factories, large and small machines and workers in their respective positions on division of labor cooperation, finished product is one of the production line.In all kinds of machine, lathe, grinding machine, milling machine, sawing machine, carved machine, can realize the whole processing different products.As China & other;Make 2025 & throughout;And the development trend of global industrial 4.0, artificial is responsible for the degree of labor is more and more small, more is the complicated and delicate process according to the arrangement to the automated machinery and equipment.And this small make up to introduce automatic numerical control lathe, is a high degree of automation, the function of advanced electromechanical integration equipment.Factory automation what is automated CNC lathe numerical control machine tool automation nc machine tools is a flexible, efficient, can the automation of machine tools.Unlike ordinary lathe, automatic nc machine tools can be made more complex, precision, small batch and many varieties of spare parts, greatly improve the yield and efficiency.Automatic numerical control machine tool represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology, more and more intelligent machine tools will be used widely.The characteristics of automatic numerical control lathe 1. Hydraulic configuration precision;2. Hydraulic system security and stability;3. Machine tool fit degree is high, no penetration phenomenon;4. High working frequency, high degree of automation, high processing efficiency.The significance of automatic numerical control lathe automatic CNC lathe by automatically suppress vibration and reduce the thermal deformation and prevent interference, automatically adjust the volume of lubricating oil, reduce noise and other improved technology, not only reduce the workload of manual and risks, also improved the efficiency and precision of parts processing.For the further development of integrated manufacturing system, the equipment manufacturing industry for the future achieve overall production automation industry created the conditions.Small make up to believe that with the development of automated nc machine tools and other machinery and equipment, and otherNo one factory & throughout;4.0 will be the future industry full of characteristic way of being.