Ability of the 2nd batch of keys changes Fujian Province of a list of names posted up on 9 projects of stone lion city project

A few days ago, 2017 year save the Fujian Province project of key technical reformation (the 2nd batch) list allots, fontal state city shares 63 projects to include a plan, always invest 9.463 billion yuan, annual plan invests 3.07 billion yuan. Among them, mutual Fujian Province of stone lion city is big grand 9 priority discipline that wait inside rank industrial development limited company among them, always invest 941 million yuan, annual plan invests 441 million yuan. As we have learned, city of this second stone lion shares 9 projects to include technical reformation of the 2nd batch of provincial keys the item, always invest 941 million yuan, annual plan invests 441 million yuan. The Fujian Province is big grand product of household of intelligence of industrial development limited company produces an item, this project plans to build a SMT to produce a workshop, purchase whole of 100 thousand class to be reached without dirt workshop stick a machine, automatic printing machine, go up the equipment such as next makings machine, makings machine, build manhood to produce clock of 150 thousand wisdom and product line of ammeter of 250 thousand intelligence each one. Intelligence of structural member of nicety of smartphone of limited company of science and technology of photoelectricity of understand of stone lion city makes digitlization workshop item, this project uses intelligence to make advanced technique and invention patent technology, purchase numerical control the advanced equipment such as manipulator of machining center of grinder of machine tool of hot curved machine, numerical control, numerical control, CNC, vertical machining center, engraving tool, muller, robot, servo and testing instrument, intelligence of structural member of construction smartphone nicety makes digitlization workshop, new hyperplasia of the year after next of predicting put into production produces smartphone nicety structural member 20 million. Nylon of high end of limited company of Heng Chun weaving sticks Fujian buckle head weaving project, nylon of high end of main go into operation sticks this project buckle belt, specialize in technical reformation and deep treatment. Grand too (China) limited company is high-grade project of extend of textile fabrics technical reformation, this project is divided through high speed a warping and wear put together craft automatically, purchase automation high speed to divide a warping to wear the automation equipment such as put together machine machine, automatically, transform centrifugal pneumatics machine, build product line of high-grade textile fabrics. Fujian collects spin of dragon chemical fibber essence of green of industrial limited company spins product line project, this project is purchased have international loom of water of the high speed intelligence of advanced level, energy-saving environmental protection gush 195, make essence of a green spin product line, after building go into operation but year grey of chemical fibber of increase production high-quality goods 15 million. Fujian Yi Ni this industrial limited company is not had seam ability of weaving of an organic whole to revise a project, predict to purchase what Italy produces to not have seam equipment of an organic whole, electronic jacquard weave is special machine 30, be defeated by gauze implement 30, main product sews athletic series garment to not have, produce can can achieve 5500 or so everyday. Ni of Yi of stone lion city this dress limited company is introduced without stitch item of equipment of aircraft of an organic whole, ability alters an aspect basically is to not have seam weaving technology to rely on computer to assist process designing to design pattern, the digitlization treatment that uses intelligence produces a measure, make finished product with stereo, a kind of engineering technology that modelling structure comes out from the production on the machine directly. Stone lion city exhibits technical reformation of limited company of boast spin science and technology and project of the energy-saving promotion that decrease a platoon, ability changes a respect to basically be passed new in lukewarm middling pressure finalizes the design machine off-gas treatment craft, purchase equipment to have finalize the design machine 3, finalize the design machine tail gas handles equipment equipment of pretreatment of water of 4 stage, buy 5, construction intelligence changes successive make friends to catch boil bleach product line. Long Shi of beautiful of city of the lion that tie rock turns project of technical reformation of first phase of petrifaction of dragon of beautiful of the limited company that spin fine, this project amounts to craft in original Ying Wei undertake adjustment optimizing on the foundation, purchase electric machinery 15 stage, pump 15 stage, heat exchanger filter of 8 stage, pressure 1, extractive implement 1, absorb a tower 1, appearance instrument 16. After passing technical reformation, it is OK to produce increase 5% , can make device specific power consumption drops at the same time.