ABS resinous is the biggest applied domain depends on auto industry

Light quantify, the trend that with model Dai Gang has made automobile industry develop. And in automobile industry, what use at most on the car is plastic it is Abs colophony.

ABS colophony is the graft copolymer that points to polybutadiene balata and monomer styrene and propylene nitrile, among them A represents propylene nitrile, b represents butadiene, s represents styrene. ABS has the characteristic of a variety of polymer, it is a kind of function admirable thermoplastic plastic, use extensively at auto industry, mechanical industry, appearance instrument industry.

Be opposite to satisfy different domain the diverse demand of ABS colophony function, people deserves to compare through adjusting condition of aggregate means, craft, monomer and the element such as the structural parameter of balata, make diversification of ABS resinous breed. ABS colophony fights impact strength to be able to be divided by its pound for freeboard model, high impact, in concussion etc, by its processing means can be divided for inject, crowded piece, pressure delay, vacuum, blow the grade such as model, according to its utility and function characteristic but farther fractionize is general, heat-resisting, eletroplate, flame retardant, transparent, crowded board, 10 breed such as tubal material, among them general-purpose size of market of colophony of inject class ABS is the largest.

ABS resinous is the biggest applied domain is auto industry.

Car dashboard is the main function on the car with garnish, if use armor plate to do, not only cost is high, and still need a course to cut, more than 10 working procedure such as punch, bore, spray paint, and will make with ABS colophony, need to note model or blow model to be able to shape only.

The car is plastic one of difficult point that turn are automobile body shell plating is plastic change. Automobile body shell plating includes around dashboard, clapboard and face plate to wait, its material dosage is the biggest, and requirement material has impact resistance, hear resistance and tigidity. The alloy with ABS colophony and plastic project has these property, can use the plank outside making automobile body to expect.

Car interior trim having main effect to the comfortable sex of the car and security. The plaque inside contemporary car shapes for whole mostly, the exterior is luxurious, choose ABS colophony commonly.