Advanced equipment in the 17th session of zhongshan machinery exhibition

June 18, the 17th zhongshan machinery exhibition in zhongshan expo center closing.The machinery exhibition for three days, the exhibition area of 16000 square meters, gathered nearly 400 excellent enterprises, focus on display at home and abroad advanced metal processing machinery, laser equipment, high precision machine tool, the five axis nc machine and other advanced equipment.

advanced equipments in the 17th session of zhongshan machinery exhibition organizers, the most striking feature of this exhibition is there are so many enterprises to participate in the robot.At the scene, many viewers and Japan FANUC robotics, wide number of robot, walking on the Japanese jin and other famous enterprises of all robots in close contact, the scene to understand the abundant auspicious, nock, han high-tech enterprises such as the latest laser technology.
in addition, many enterprises still in the show the main personalized intelligent manufacturing.Such as, deliver unmanned packaging assembly line, Jin Hongda garden of automated assembly lines, elegant packaging automation assembly line, automatic bada castor production line, etc., at the conference were simulated unmanned factory is deduced.
& other;This exhibition will promote the development of zhongshan advanced equipment manufacturing industry, promote zhongshan industrial upgrading.Throughout the &;Guangdong and exhibition co., LTD. The chairman’s introduction, zhongshan machinery exhibition after the 16th, is one of the most influential equipment manufacturing exhibition in the pearl river in the west bank.During this exhibition, the organizers also invited qingyuan, hakka, henan chamber of commerce chamber of commerce chamber of commerce and so on more than 50 batch association to visit.
(the original title: nearly 400 companies with advanced equipment To compete) (source: southern daily)