Aimed at intelligent manufacturing ge first overseas center enabled

& other;The center of the opening opens the GE a whole new chapter.Throughout the &;Start ceremony, general electric (GE), vice chairman John rice confidence, full of expectations.
& have spentWas high hopes of its Chinese intelligent manufacturing technology center in tianjin (AMTC) officially opened, this is the first outside the United States GE, in the service of multiple business units of intelligent manufacturing technology center.It aims to integrate the most advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, for the Chinese manufacturers development, integration, and implementation of tailored one-stop solution.
& have spentOn the GE people called & other;What are some universal stores throughout &;, you can see not only can increase efficiency of the production of robots adaptive welding, realizes the digital and physical products seamless robot assisted 3 d measurement technology, and manufacturing of complex parts such as 3 d printing, can also touch and feel the real unmanned handling car, augmented reality and wearable devices, there has been a practical application of 3 d printing artificial custom atlanto-axial vertebral body, and even just the declassified domestic big C919 aircraft engine blade samples etc.
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& have spent& other;Future success in China, you must use the most advanced manufacturing technology in China.Throughout the &;GE global vice President, vice President of China supply chain Steve meszaros (SteveMeszaros) tells a reporter, and the other is given priority to with the business sector in the United States of intelligent manufacturing technology center, tianjin AMTC will support GE all regions and all business sectors of intelligent manufacturing technology research and development.
& have spentGreat meaning in tianjin
& have spent& other;Chose to settle in tianjin, & throughout;GE global senior vice President, China’s President and chief executive of small tassel, explains & other;This first from beijing-tianjin-hebei economic coordinated development of national policy, and tianjin itself for the attention of the advanced intelligent manufacturing, second, in GE China’s manufacturing industry layout, tianjin is one of the important areas.Throughout the &;
& have spentCurrently, GE has more than 30 factories in China, due to the scattered in different areas, to the integration of management and low cost operation and large-scale production has brought a lot of trouble.In the future, GE will begin moving the factory into five or six regional center, and tianjin is one of them.
& have spentGE has the world’s most advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in tianjin plant, and through mergers and acquisitions rafer alston, GE, the world’s largest hydropower manufacturing base, the recent acquisition of wind-power blades LM wind power also has a very important factory in tianjin, and GE oil and gas group also has a factory in tianjin.
& have spentIn period of small tassel seems, although can renewable energy, oil and gas, medical and other industries is different, but the supplier is convergence in the field of manufacturing industry chain, some processing technology also have in common.Such as integrated circuit boards are used in medical equipment and wind turbines, and the world’s largest supplier of integrated circuits has been focused on China.& other;Manufacturing sector after consolidation, GE can undertake large-scale procurement, not only can reduce costs, also help suppliers to form scale effect, more help to their own talent management.Throughout the &;
& have spentSuch as welding process again.Steve meszaros, for instance, both in the electric power, oil and gas and in the engine, steam turbine, such as manufacturing, welding will be used to, there may be hundreds of thousands of hours every year of the welding operation.& other;AMTC will choose to share some of the techniques, the various business needs and will have a solution in this area, and research and development results quickly spread to all business sectors.Throughout the &;
& have spentThe center also has a very special place, & other;It is GE not only outside the United States the first intelligent manufacturing technology center, also very accord with OneGE concept, namely it will serve multiple business units, and support all of GE’s global business.Throughout the &;Steve meszaros stressed that & other;AMTC which integrates the GE’s most advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, its mission is to support GE building intelligent factory, and will this vision deployed in China.Throughout the &;
& have spentHand in hand
& promote intelligent supplier have spentGE in the past two hundred and thirty years, China’s rapid development, China’s economy after entering the new normal, GE also constantly adjust and eventually identified three strategic moves in China, namely the comprehensive accelerate the localization, set up on the basis of China’s global partners and digital at full speed.
& have spent& other;Localization to the comprehensive and AMTC is GE China and an important milestone in digital strategy goal at full speed.In the future, GE will be based in tianjin center of intelligent manufacturing technology, integration of GE intelligent manufacturing resources inside and outside, become the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing enterprises long-term partner on the road.Throughout the &;Period of small tassel tells a reporter, GE China will be the first to promote intelligent manufacturing technology applied in its own manufacturing and supply chain system.
& have spentEnabled AMTC, will work with GE located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, south Carolina, greenville and so on six big intelligent manufacturing center to form a strong global network, and pick up of the global r&d center in Shanghai offers basic data and technical platform.& other;AMTC will research and development center of various advanced technology applied to the reality of factory environment, feedback to r&d center.Development and application of this continuous interaction between, can make our iteration out more and more good tools.Throughout the &;Steve meszaros said.
& have spentAccording to introducing, GE medical factory is located in Beijing’s self-discipline production line pull the module is designed and developed, improved the production line of material transportation and production efficiency;Due to the application, including intelligent optical projection technology, a number of intelligent manufacturing technology, its CT bulb production cycle reduced from six days to 1 day, the overall production efficiency increased six times.
& have spentIn 2016, GE China’s overall supply chain output of more than $6 billion.& other;Our goal is to reach $10 billion in 2020, at that time, our suppliers will increase, so the AMTC not only for our own factory, and also fully open to our suppliers.Throughout the &;Period of small tassel said.
& have spent& other;In fact, GE also have cost pressures, & throughout;Steve meszaros says to the reporter, and establish AMTC, is want to help our suppliers promote efficiency, realize the transformation, to achieve world-class level.
& have spentIn his view, the starting point of intelligent manufacturing and advanced technology are unified, namely, improve labor productivity and competitiveness in the global.Tianjin AMTC will serve the GE global factories, factory will help to reduce the production cycle, improve labor productivity and reduce inventory.
& have spentIn addition to promote all kinds of advanced technology in industry application, help GE and GE’s customers, suppliers and partners to realize intelligent manufacturing, & other;GE will also rely on the intelligent manufacturing technology center in tianjin as to the audience, both internally and externally, showing the best platform of advanced manufacturing technology, through cultivating and constructing Chinese advanced manufacturing industry ecosystem, cultivating talents, advanced manufacturing help China achieve manufacturing powerhouse.Throughout the &;GE China intelligent manufacturing technology, the director of the centre for Huang Qunjian told reporters.

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