Announcement of recruit of investor of reforming of joint-stock company of machine tool of Han Chuan numerical control

On October 25, 2017, chinese in court of city intermediate people (the following abbreviation ” Chinese in quadrangle ” ) with (2017) short for Shaanxi Province 07 civilian defeat 2 ” civil ruling book ” the ruling heard joint-stock company of machine tool of Han Chuan numerical control (the following abbreviation ” Han Chuan machine tool ” or, appoint established this case to manage a person. Administrative person regards recruit as the person, make public investor of reforming of machine tool of recruit Han Chuan now, investor recruit matters concerned, announcement is as follows: One, company general situationPredecessor of Han Chuan machine tool is business of mainstay of key of national machinery ministry — factory of Han Chuan machine tool, held water 1966, make through changing for many times after, become joint-stock company of machine tool of Han Chuan numerical control at finishing share-holding system to transform 2012, register capital to be hundred of 500 million eight 10 thousand yuan. Han Chuan machine tool is had new, old base of two big production, cover an area of a face to accumulate 760 thousand square metre, among them new plant H2 is design a concept according to modern industry, the machine tool of high-grade numerical control that high level makes creates base, already built in the round and put into production, standard of its productivity, equipment occupies front row of industry of international machine tool. Main facility makes an appointment with two plant area more than 750 (set) , among them nicety, rare with large and crucial equipment more than 200. The company basically produces a product to cover type of door of series of mill boring machine, dragon the 8 old series such as series of series of machining center series, vertical machining center, horizontal machining center and series of robot transfer matic, breed and norms amount to about a hundred kinds, can produce per year machine tool of more than 2000 rigid numerical control. At the same time the company has provincial technology center and machine tool lab and talented person of a large number of major technology, in recent years already research and development files multinomial country patent, obtain the special honour inside course of study for many times. In product sale process of more than 50 years, the company was formed already it is a center with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, cent sets multistage to sell the systematize of an area to sell a network. The client distributings to reach the domain such as machine of industry of auto industry, military affairs, project at equipment of industry of heavy machinery, aviation, shipping industry, energy, include 2 heavy groups, short for Shaanxi Province to beat a group, east labour of steam group, dragon, mansion labour large and medium-sized enterprise, partial product already realized exit. But since 2012 the company suffers machine tool industry to last low fan, build plant area to incur debt heavy wait for element influence, han Chuan machine tool is immersed in stage by stage manage and debt difficult position. Because of deep-set debt crisis and endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour, the company is entered at was being accepted via people court on October 25, 2017 go bankrupt reforming program. 2, requirement of competence of person signing up1, domestic well-known company, have taller social sense of responsibility and good commercial reputation, be engaged in a machine tool or go up the downstream, company that derives an industry is first; 2, have corresponding capital actual strength; 3, the person signing up of two above can comprise combine by oneself, the identity that signs up for celebrity with shares recruit. 3, the beard when signing up provides the following data to recruit person1, book signing up (combine signs up to still must submit agreement of associated cooperation signing up) ; 2, book of identification of card of code of carbon of legal entity business charter, orgnaization, legal representative (if the enterprise already was dealt with ” 5 card syncretic ” register, need to supply business charter carbon and book of legal representative identification) ; 3, blame legal representative still must submit accredit proxy; 4, person signing up up to the amalgamative and financial forms for reporting statistics by 2017; 5, the other and necessary additional data that recruit person asks to offer or specification. 4, cost signing up and bail1, cost signing upWhen person signing up signs up, must hand in a RMB 1 million yuan of cost signing up, this bail that cost signing up regards pair of newspapers as celebrity qualification test. Return in time via the person sign up that was not seleted after qualification test data signing up and cost signing up; Classics beard of the person that be seleted after qualification test refers formal reforming to invest plan to recruit person according to recruit flow requirement, do not grant to refer, should sign up cost does not grant to return. 2, bailWhen the person that be seleted refers formal reforming to invest plan to recruit person, must hand in a RMB 30 million yuan bail. Classics recruit person is written after affirming, the person signing up that regards Han Chuan as investor of machine tool reforming plans draft to win people court in reforming of Han Chuan machine tool after the ruling is approved, cost signing up and bail turn automatically to honor the agreement for reforming part of gold waiting for the forehead, other the cost signing up that is seleted person signing up to hand in and bail are returned in the sum after affirming reforming investor result is announced. 5, the note when signing up(one) sign up end time: Beijing time on April 30, 2018 afternoon 5 when whole; (2) place signing up: Shaanxi is saved Chinese in Ou Binjiang road and silver-colored beach road reach city Chinese desk collect manage hotel of spring of Chinese flowering crabapple; (3) with respect to afore-mentioned recruit reforming investor relevant and specific arrangements, the following contact that the person that have intention can appoint with recruit person undertakes advisory: Joint-stock company of machine tool of Han Chuan numerical control manages a personTwo years on March 22