Assemble of industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control develops base to hope in saddle Shanbo the area takes shape

On November 9, rich hopes new and high region is remote high-end compressor project produces a workshop, technical personnel is undertaking debugging to the machine tool of pressure of new-style high end of own research and development. This project looks at priority discipline of area battle new industry for rich, first phase invests 1 billion yuan, amount to postpartum can realize year of sales revenue to even more 400 million yuan. Come 5 years, rich visits an area around innovation this core, center the major essential factor such as policy, talent, capital, main support innovation company grows, implementation from ” rich hopes to make ” to ” Bo Wangzhi is built ” new span. Upgrade to accelerate transition of industry of mould of machine tool blade, rich hopes the area published relevant policy, the regulation takes out one share capital every year to reward innovation activity as policy of science and technology. Innovate independently to urge local company, rich hopes the area is begun actively ” small giant ” breed, through land supply, project is declared, capital gives aid to wait for measure, promote business of a batch of mainstays to do do greatly strong, at present already 10 enterprises are maintained to be science and technology ” small giant ” . Come 5 years, rich looks at area key around machine tool and blade mould industry, bring strong, interior to breed greatly through enrolling, stimulative industry enlarges quality of gross, promotion ceaselessly; Point domestic and international well-known company, hit out actively, essence of life enrols business definitely, force closes to a batch of well-known companies build manufacturing base or orgnaization of research and development in Bowang, whole drives rich to hope transition of machine tool industry upgrades. Only this year, rich of Shenyang machine tool hopes intelligence is made share cereal project, far grinder of science and technology of project of base of high-end compressor production, Hei Tian and high speed get mill the project of industry of a batch of dominant such as machining center project in succession be born. Since rich hopes the area builds a division, already had the honor to win 5 early or late ” country word honor ” : The country is cut fold machine tool and base of property of blade mould characteristic, whole nation to cut change machine tool industry machine tool of machine tool of numerical control of high end of torch of well-known trademark demonstrative area, country and blade mould base, country is supervised examine demonstrative division of safety of quality of product of series of machine tool of exit of level of center, state, industrial product is in enclothe countrywide foundation to go up, sell as far as to the whole world 120 many countries and area. 5 ” country the name ” , lead rich to hope drive of innovation of region industry business, transition upgrades, accelerate development, by ” rich hopes to make ” to ” Bo Wangzhi is built ” higher end stride. On October 17, shenyang machine tool (Shanghai) actor Buddhist nun this limited company of industrial equipment sale and rich hope the area signs rich of ▪ of Shenyang machine tool formally to hope I5 intelligence makes cereal project invest an agreement. It is reported, rich of ▪ of Shenyang machine tool hopes I5 intelligence makes cereal project be located in rich to look at garden of industry of new and high region, project overall planning uses the land 500 mus, total investment makes an appointment with 3.5 billion yuan, plan 6500 to throw I5 intelligence to equip. Project first phase invests 1 billion yuan, use ” Fu Mazhi is built (rich looks new and high) garden of science and technology ” 46 thousand square metre standardizes workshop, unit of treatment of machine tool of devoted I5 intelligence, transfer matic and detect, auxiliary equipment 600 (cover) , predict year of sales revenue 500 million yuan of above. According to statistic, rich looks at an area to waited for place of scientific research courtyard to establish cooperative relationship with university of industry of institute of automation of Shenyang of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui early or late, offerred good yield to learn to grind for the enterprise platform, own innovation ability gets the enterprise promote effectively. Up to by this year July, this area has 2 China to export quality security demonstrative company, enterprise in all patent application 2358, apply for 702 to invent patent among them; Accredit 1453, among them accredit invents patent 183; Have company of new and high technology 29, product of new and high technology 212, enterprise of science and technology of province civilian battalion 47, provincial innovation enterprise 5, research center of provincial project technology 5, research center of technology of city class project 28. In recent years, the rich that rich looks at to the area relies on machine tool enterprise to center visits new and high area, make with all one’s strength ” rich hopes assemble of industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control expands base ” , already took shape at present, bred a batch to have industry force get army enterprise and ” only essence of life is especially new ” enterprise, formed prop up transition of whole area economy to upgrade, accelerate the growth with new development extremely.