Association of machine tools, machine tool industry running present stabilizing signs of recovery

“Since 2011, entered the downward interval since the second half of the machine tool industry, the industry market this year began to render stabilizing signs of recovery.”China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general Ronald chan said at a symposium, according to domestic machine tool market consumption last year totalled $27.5 billion, compared with last year compared to the same flat.

machine tool industry boom index rebounded sharply restorative growth was registered in

“in recent years, both the market and industry present continuous decline in output.”Ronald chan is introduced, the whole machine tool industry communist out $22.9 billion last year, up 3.6% from a year earlier, produce a restorative growth industry.In terms of tools, tool output up to 5.1 billion dollars last year, fell 8.9% year on year, a drop from last year continued to narrow.& have spent

& have spent& have spent& have spentIn terms of operation of industry, in 2016 China’s machine tool industry boom index is 53.9%, reflects the operation of the industry in the near future trend rebound.”Nearly three years of machine tool industry boom index 43.3%, 34.5% and 53.9%, respectively, in 2016 was up 19.4% over the same period last year, has realized the substantial rebound, industry expansion trend is obvious.”Ronald chan said.

to meet the market demand new challenge new features appear in the machine tool industry

“has entered the downward interval since the second half of 2011 industry, machine tool association put forward the downside is not a cyclical downward, but the whole change a stage of development.”Ronald chan said, at present the industry development is facing the new features of market structure upgrade, the new trend of product technology development, new requirements of the capability of independent innovation and a series of new challenges.

Ronald chan is introduced, in terms of the new features of market structure upgrade, customer demand for automation equipment, machine tool equipment less humanization, increased automation requirements.Customers also from popular to niche, the personalization, customization demand is growing.And general shift to upgrade of product function, performance, reliability and so on are put forward new requirements.

in the past quite a long period of time, the numerical control machine tool is the main trend of the development of high efficiency, precision and complex, and this trend continues.”Now in the original development trend, and increased the new tendency of the development of intelligent and green, and this trend is particularly obvious.”Ronald chan said that the past is the main imitation tracking on machine tool manufacturing route to develop the basis of today are not broken in some key technology to overcome encountered bottleneck, also puts forward new requirements to the independent innovation ability.

Ronald chan added, the machine tool industry in the large market industry is facing a profound changes under the influence, from the point of the development of industry in recent years, presents the main characteristics of the two aspects of restructuring, transformation and upgrading of differentiation in parallel.Association have also been advanced in the industry of preferential tax policy research and industry technology innovation center construction scheme planning, etc, to respond to market changes.

machine tool industry this year is expected to give priority to with stabilizing operation Drop will continue to narrow

, “2017 China consumer market of machine tools and industrial operation trend will remain downlink interval, is expected to decline will have narrowed, but has repeatedly challenge the bottom.”Association, executive vice director of long hair in the front in China machine tool industry association said on a conference, director of the 7th six times, countries in recent years, in order to “steady growth, structural adjustment”, supply side structural reform, promote economic elements from the drive to innovation-driven transformation, introduced a series of economic and industrial policy.The policy had a positive role in machine tool development.