Australian city also joins polybag ban on the west cavalcade

Australia another city on the west Australian city began in July this year, the high density that announces taboo is one-time spends polyethylene polybag.

Australian city is the big city that Australia implements a ban the 6th times or area on the west. But, two cities with this compatriots the most concentrated mouth, er person city and Victoria city return Xin Nawei to did not take any actions however.

Stephen Dawson of minister of Australian state environment expresses on the west: Adopted a ban to obtain very big echo to one-time polybag, research shows plastic pollution had produced major effect to our environment, plastic fragment was swarmed in the enteron of seabird, mix polybag very easily to chelonian acaleph and promiscuous.

Mark McGowan of Australian state prime minister expresses on the west, will make Australian city is mixed on the west station of district of and other places of island, Kun Shilan is in Dasimaniya united front, in the meantime, australian city returns what will introduce container of a beverage to press on the west put policy.