Automatic CNC lathe parts and working principle

The composition of automatic numerical control lathe automatic CNC lathe is a use of CNC technology, in accordance with good programming to realize the action of machine tools in advance.It by carrier program unit, input devices, CNC, servo system, the position feedback system and machine mechanical parts.The working principle of automatic numerical control lathe on the automatic CNC lathe processing parts usually through the following steps: 1) according to the processing of parts design and processing plan, with provisions of the code and program format to write, and record it on the carrier;2) put the program on the carrier through the input device input into the CNC unit;3) CNC unit after processing the input program, to the machine tools servo system of each coordinate signal;4) signal from the servo system based on the CNC unit, drive in the moving parts of the machine tool, and control the necessary auxiliary operation;5) through the machine mechanical parts to drive the relative motion of the cutting tool and the workpiece, the requirements of the workpieces;6) testing machine movement, and through the feedback device feedback to the CNC unit, to reduce the machining error.For open loop nc machine tools, of course, is no detection and feedback system.