Base of machine tool of numerical control of Shenyang aircraft group lays a foundation

A few days ago, shenyang machine tool (prices forum) the group invests 900 million yuan, the base of machine tool of heavy large numerical control that produces per year 1200 is in Shenyang iron on the west the area lays a foundation formally. This project basically will produce lathe of large vertical numerical control and car mill center, planer-type milling machine of large numerical control reachs machining center, lathe of heavy-duty horizontal numerical control reachs the product of 5 old series such as car mill center, the product basically is used at war industry of aerospace, national defence, shipping, generate electricity, the industry such as orbit traffic. Predict put into production of complete of bottom of this item next year, amount to postpartum annual produce to will achieve 6.5 billion yuan.  

As home the biggest machine tool creates a company, shenyang aircraft group increases investment of research and development ceaselessly in recent years, face the domain such as car, aerospace, electron, developed a batch to replace the product of machine tool of numerical control of high school archives of the entrance. Among them, the dragon door type that subsidiary of Ximen of designing institute of as famous as Germany machine tool of R + P, Germany develops jointly product of machine tool of high-grade numerical control achieves 13 series such as machining center of machining center of 5 axes linkage, high speed horizontal international is advanced level.  

The reporter learns, shenyang city state endowment appoint already signed equity to make over an agreement with JANA fund, plan to run its some Shenyang aircraft groups the equity of 30% transfers JANA fund. Concerned personage expresses, JANA fund is investor of international finance affairs, market of capital of international of processing structure, have the aid of will be perfected to begin capital to run creation base to Shenyang aircraft group after its are entered.