Bearing enterprises in China into the U.S. auto industry core area

CiXing China group, the CW company in Detroit north American manufacturing center 25 starts, suggests another high-end manufacturing enterprises in China into the U.S. auto industry core region, the manufacturing center will provide the popular models ford F150 pickup steering system used in bearing.CiXing bearing manufacturing enterprise group in China is located in the Detroit metropolitan area northwest noth in new workshop, fully automated production equipment has finished installation and debugging, the full power, for the American carmakers such as ford, gm steering system used in the bearings.Bearing enterprises in China into the U.S. auto industry core at the start of the day ceremony, CiXing group chairman Hu Xian root, said the establishment of north American manufacturing center marks the group & other;A solid step to the transformation and upgrading & throughout;And group & other;Market globalization, talent internationalization, high-end products & throughout;The development idea of the perfect interpretation.The famous bearing company founded in 1984 in ningbo China, from the small workshops to break into the U.S. auto industry core region Detroit spent 30 years.Hu Xian root to the xinhua news agency said, to catch up with the international advanced level, Chinese enterprises will have to be integrated into the international trend.Start on the day of the manufacturing plants belong to the first phase.Hu Lirong CiXing group research and development of American manufacturing co., LTD. General manager, said the next step will be to invest $20 million in construction phase ii workshop.He said, at present the company in the team of more than 50 people, only two Chinese, the other workers, sales personnel, research and development personnel, and management team are all americans.In 2006 to join the company’s vice President of the CW jay & middot;Crick told xinhua reporter, said that in the new factory will be assembled in the production of products to the United States on a series of one of the most famous models, including the top sales ford F150 pickup trucks in the United States, as well as the mustang, camaro and other classic American cars.Chinese consul general in Chicago, hong lei said at the launching ceremony, this is an important greenfield investment of Chinese enterprises in Michigan, is also the Chinese enterprise and Michigan’s another example of the development of investment cooperation relations, will provide the customer with high quality products, create more jobs for local, bring more taxes to the local government.He said, this fully shows that china-us economic and trade cooperation is a win-win cooperation.Increased rapidly in recent years, Chinese companies to invest in beauty.U.s.-china relations national committee and association of rhodium group, according to a report by the end of 2016, the Chinese enterprise direct investment stock roughly $110 billion in the United States, the cumulative create 141000 direct jobs for America.(the original title: Chinese bearing enterprises into the U.S. auto industry core) (source: xinhua news agency)