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Auspicious steps a group especially is the manufacturer of cutting machine tool with banner whole world. Domain of group core business is enclothed comprehensive, include ” turning ” , ” milling ” , ” supersonic vibration is machined ” , ” technology of laser beam machining ” reach dog for machine tool and sun system and the automation of the design and software solution. The product line of the company includes the introductory class economy of price material benefit machine tool not only, still have the high-tech machine tool that contented and sophisticated treatment asks at the same time. To satisfy the demand that the whole world increases ceaselessly, auspicious strode a group to had developed the overall product line that faces an user especially.

At present auspicious strides a group to have stuff especially 6, many 400, in the whole world 35 countries set 71 home international to sell service company (De Maji company) , have can allocate use concentrated sale to serve a network at any time.

GILDEMEISTER Is The Leading Manufacturer Worldwide Of Cutting Machine Tools. The Core Business Areas Of ” Turning” , “Milling ” , “Ultrasonic ” And ” Laser ” Are Complemented By Automation And Software Solutions For Machine Tools And Solar Tracking Systems. The Product Range Includes Both ECO Machines, which Offer Customers The Chance Of Entering The Field Of Standard Machines At A Competitive Price, as Well As High-tech Machines For Highly Complex Manufacturing Requirements. GILDEMEISTER Has Developed A Whole Range Of User-orientated Innovations To Confront The Ever-increasing Demands Of The Global Market.

There Are Currently More Than 6, 400 Employees Working For The GILDEMEISTER Group Around The World. With 71 National And International Sales And Service Locations (DMGs) Of Its Own In 35 Countries Of The World, the Group Has The Densest Sales And Service Network In The Branch At Its Disposal.

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Turning technology

CTX// numerical control is all-purpose lathe: CTX Beta 800 V6, CTX Gamma 2000 TC
CTV// vertical lathe: CTV 160
Numerical control of platoon of MSL// much knife is automatic lathe: MSL 42-7
SPRINT// numerical control is automatic lathe: SPRINT 20-8 Linear

Milling technology

Machining center of DMC H// horizontal: DMC 75 H DuoBLOCK®
DMF// uses pillar machining center: DMF 180-7
DMU EVolution/DMU P// uses at 5 / the numerical control that 5 axes machine is all-purpose milling machine:
DMU 70 EVolution Linear, DMU 80 P DuoBLOCK®, DMU 210 P, DMC 125 FD DuoBLOCK®
DMU// numerical control is all-purpose milling machine: DMU 40 MonoBLOCK® , take the DMU 60 MonoBLOCK® of automation, DMU 100 MonoBLOCK®
Machining center of nicety of cutting of HSC// high speed: Take the HSC 20 Linear of automation, HSC 105 Linear


CTX 310 Eco, DMC 635 V Eco, DMC 55 H Eco, DMU 50 Eco

Advanced technique

DMG serves
DMG is secondhand machine tool, DMG Microset, DMG Powertools
DMG spare parts, DMG serves, DMG grooms

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 Product type

 Product name



 Numerical control is all-purpose lathe

 CTX Beta 800 V6



 Numerical control is all-purpose lathe

 CTX Gamma 200 TC



 Vertical lathe

CTV 160

Center of • vertical turning, the structure is compact, fast and agile, productivity is tall
• mark distributes automation unit, 20 labour, can adjust according to different workpiece length height and central fixed position
All • X, y* , z, c axis is located in upside, for Y axis treatment provides larger space (the journey when prejudicial bore and milling is + / – 90 Mm)
The Z axis distance with greater • was all sorts of accident workpiece treatment to reduce pair of knife time
• workpiece diameter is as long as 160 Mm, height from 20 to 210 Mm
• offerred dimension to be the slideway design of 45 for rough machining, have extremely tall stability
The safe window of • bounty ensured treatment space is had admirable can inspect a gender
• controls workpiece inside machine through grating feet
• can use forklift to undertake be carriaged simply
• can discharge bits in side side or back installation implement
The understand sex with admirable • offerred good condition for the care and maintenance of the machine tool
The Control Panel of DMG ERGOline Control that • takes ShopTurn* to control a system 4

 Numerical control of much knife platoon is automatic lathe

 MSL 42-7



 Numerical control is automatic lathe

 SPRINT 20-8 Linear



 Horizontal machining center




 Use pillar machining center

 DMF 180-7



 Use at 5 / the numerical control that 5 axes machine is all-purpose milling machine

 DMU 70 EVolution Linear



 Use at 5 / the numerical control that 5 axes machine is all-purpose milling machine




Use at 5 / the numerical control that 5 axes machine is all-purpose milling machine

 DMU 210 P

• newest design: Take 19 ” the DMG ERGOline of liquid crystal indication screen®Control Control Panel, operate easily, treatment space is had good expedite sex and can inspect a gender
• is as high as the linear axis journey of 150 Mm: 1, 800 Mm X 2, 100 Mm X 1, 250 Mm (X / Y / Z)
Performance of • axis trends and speed of runner shaft coming back promote 100% , 30 Rpm of B axis rotate speed
• dragon door designs: 1, the journey of perpendicular large size of 480 Mm, on perpendicular direction move column to deploy pressure to amend a structure, ensured admirable precision and dynamic function
• workbench bearings rise 60% : Can bearing now 8, 000 Kg
•1, the workbench diameter of 700 Mm
• is bigger heavier cutting tool: Be as long as 650 Mm, the diameter amounts to 250 Mm, weight amounts to 30 Kg


 Use at 5 / the numerical control that 5 axes machine is all-purpose milling machine




 Numerical control is all-purpose milling machine

 DMU 40 MonoBLOCK®

• newest design: Treatment space has first-rate expedite sex and taller can inspect a gender, DMG ERGOline®Control Control Panel deserves to have 19 ‘ ‘ indication screen and DECKEL MAHO MillPlus IT V600 or Heidenhain ITNC 530
• mark matchs a machine tool to have highest dynamic property when acceleration is 0.8g, move quickly to achieve 30m/min with feed speed, the rotate speed of fast rotor achieves 60rpm, can create modern pattern thereby
•Mark matchs: Type of scraper of type of an organic whole discharges bits implement with 250 litres of cooling fluid box, geometrical temperature is compensated, enclosed entire case, conformity is in the power source inside milling head, cable alls alone (without drossy accumulation, without collision) , deserve to have real time on 5 axes machine tool and ITNC530 collision supervisory and control arrangement, insert load of type main shaft, workbench to be able to be amounted to 1, 100kg, take rigid workbench, the load when undertaking 5 axes are machined is 800kg
• mark matchs muti_function 3 axes, optional match 3+2, 4 or 5 axes will finish 5 treatment and milling of 5 axes linkage, take 60 knives chain knife library


 Numerical control is all-purpose milling machine

 DMU 60 MonoBLOCK®



 Numerical control is all-purpose milling machine

 DMU 100 MonoBLOCK®



 Machining center of nicety of high speed cutting

 HSC 20 Linear



 Machining center of nicety of high speed cutting

 HSC 105 Linear




 CTX 310 Eco




 DMC 635 V Eco




 DMC 55 H Eco




 World of DMU 50 Eco (declares his views first)

• takes the Siemens 810D of ShopMill to control a system
• takes the numerical control workbench of digital drive
Inside • cold supply
• machines a space roomily, accessibility is good (X/Y/Z axis journey is 500/450/400 Mm respectively)
• takes 16 work knife library
Rotate speed of • report main shaft 10, 000rpm, torque 83Nm(40%) , power 13kW(40% )
• complementary handling time shortens, move quickly speed 24m/min


 Advanced technique

 ULTRASONIC 50-5 Linear



 Cutting tool preliminary adjustments

 Microset VIO 210 II



 Cutting tool preliminary adjustments

 Microset PRIMA MV IV