Beijing institute of mechanical and electrical and stream bearing co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On June 11, 2018, Beijing institute of mechanical and electrical and fujian stream bearing (group) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as dragon axis group) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.Attended the signing ceremony of the Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, general manager of harvest, liang yi, deputy chief engineer, heat treatment, director of the center for Li Xianjun axis and dragon group, secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors Ceng Fanpei Chen Jinhui, chief engineer, general manager of chan, etc.Vice mayor of zhangzhou LanWanAn, the city government office researcher, director of the legislative affairs office HongYao, zhangzhou science and technology bureau party secretary chun-hsiung Chou yi-zhang Chen, director of the municipal leaders such as attendance and witnessed the signing ceremony.Dragon axis group as fujian enterprise 100 strong, with wing on bearing co., LTD., sanming city, fujian province of fujian province gearbox co., LTD., fujian red flag co., LTD., fujian Jin Changlong machinery technology co., LTD., fujian and Taiwan Long Ma science and technology co., LTD., stream linear bearings co., LTD., and other subsidiary in the United States.Company as the only joint bearing research institute and the national joint bearing test center, approved for joint bearing enterprises in fujian province key laboratories and precision bearing engineering research center of fujian province.Companies with annual output of 15 million sets of joint bearing and taper roller bearing and AG bearing 8 million sets, 2 million sets of 2 million pieces of gear, transmission, maintenance free spider 2.6 million 1.82 million, 1.82 million sets of rolling features, collar and knitting machinery and equipment 20000 sets of production capacity, the company’s products for the national key projects such as Shanghai maglev project, the three gorges project, the electron-positron collider, the shenzhou series of spacecraft, chang e series satellites and space engineering and large modern buildings, Bridges, wind power, photovoltaic and other supporting facilities, and a large number of export Europe industrial developed more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States.& ensp;Signing ceremony, Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, general manager liang harvest is briefly introduced and the basic situation, professional advantage and associated with, zhangzhou in fujian province.Chairman liang pointed out that, in the hope that, on the basis of the two sides in the early stage of the cooperation, give full play to the forging, heat treatment, mechanical and electrical is intelligent manufacturing accumulated technological advantages, to play a greater role for the future development of stream bearing, also for stream bearing and mechanical institute group comprehensive cooperation lay the foundation.Then, the dragon axis group chairman, party secretary of Ceng Fanpei years of good cooperation to both sides to give high praise, hope that the two sides in the vacuum heat treatment, heat treatment, heat treatment atmosphere controlled shape, forging automation, forging die deep cooperation and application of new materials, etc, to solve production actual problem, Shared project for national construction, promote the full implementation of strategic cooperation.Zhangzhou city technology bureau secretary zhou and Chen, director of the speeches, introduces the research and development of zhangzhou introduce foreign institutions, to promote and carry out the integration of science and technology policy.Zhangzhou vice mayor pointed out: hope to electromechanical and dragon axis group cooperation as an opportunity, the direction of the research and development platform, key laboratory of cooperation, to upgrade, promote further cooperation way, for more zhangzhou enterprise technology upgrades and research innovation service.Finally, mechanical and electrical chairman liang harvest and dragon shaft by group chairman Ceng Fanpei respectively represents the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement.The strategic cooperation agreement signed, will be the Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical in fujian province after the fujian zhengxing group and a model of cooperation, will more effectively play both sides of the technical advantage, realize the combination.(the original title: what I have and stream bearing co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement) (source: Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical)