Billows of industry of tool of Shandong machine tool not Jing

 Since July 1, the country adjusted the exit drawback tax rate of 2831 commodity, in occupying custom tax regulations about 37% of all goods number. Involve mechanical product among them 219 kinds, planer, abrasive is ground etc rank among them. Shandong is our country planer, abrasive grind a production with manual tool to be saved greatly, the industry of arms of the person at the head of a procession of 3 kinds of products all is in Shandong, but because preparation is opposite sufficient, the adjustment of policy did not produce too big effect to the enterprise.

Against a rainy day company product structure is adjusted ahead of schedule
    Already more the 4 arenaceous share that the name is limited company of new technology of Shandong Lu Xingao are our country abrasive grinds those who provide an industry to be put only ” country the name ” emery wheel creates a company. This company that having 55 years of histories once was the banner that our country abrasive worries an industry, the machinery that its abrasive grinds a product to be new China, war industry and spaceflight career had made outstanding contribution. But after the world that becomes foreign capital and civilian battalion company in emery wheel industry, 4 arenaceous industry focus also produced move stealthily. 2002, the company begins domain of sortie citric acid, the success is scored finally on this product. Current, citric acid product already took company total sales revenue 70% the left and right sides, become a company very quickly the first advocate course of study. Country of Yan Wei of vise general manager of Shandong Lu Xin company says, although abrasive grinds a product to still have certain proportion in the company, also export left and right sides of 4 million dollar every year, but the favourable policy that exit product takes scale to had enjoyed exit drawback the biggest Bai Gangyu no longer before New Year from how, the influence that this so drawback adjusts pair of companies is very finite.

Be known as ” dragon door old and well-known family ” Jinan company of group of 2 machine tools once was our country’s biggest planing machine creates a company, year of crop of its double housing planer and thin arm planer in home Ceng Shouqu points to. But this enterprise is given priority to with providing large compressor and machining center however nowadays, its planer produces per year a quantity to already was not worth 100, planer sales revenue also takes group total sales revenue only 10% the left and right sides, and supply home market basically only. Product of planer of 2 machine tools is in Jinan company place is occupied proportional drop, the result that since market environment affects, also be strategy of company product structural adjustment is preliminary show. In recent years, letting what fame of 2 machine tools raises Jinan with each passing day is double housing planer no longer already, provide the large compressor of whole set product line and machining center for auto industry however.

Group of industry of Shandong gold horse is one of Shandong’s biggest tool export companies, in its 600 million yuan sales revenue is medium 2006, about 500 million yuan belong to tool product, and almost all exit. “Reduce exit to retreated tax rate to produce not little effect really to us, ” Jinmaji is round administrator of a middle-level says, “Nevertheless, leading an industry to reducing drawback have preparation early, also took positive step. The company a few years ago begins to undertake negotiating with the foreign trader in order to explore new cooperative project. This year in June, the company is formal with Korea group of bright and beautiful lake is joint-stock established emulsion to produce a company, joint-stock company always invests 600 million yuan, design ability is year of milk glue 150 thousand tons, year sales revenue can amount to 1 billion yuan. Differ with the direction of tool product, emulsion product basically is to face home market. ” besides adjust product structure beyond, as proper as foreign negotiation on tool market huff and interior are managing dig go wait for measure to also had begun to carry out. Additional as we have learned, in the period of time before drawback rate is adjusted, the enterprise still increased exit to deliver the goods of purpose, june, the exit delivery capacity of golden horse group achieves a history new tall, tool product by as far as possible much ground ” a place of strategic importance ” those who went up to enjoy favourable drawback policy ” last bus ” .

Transition of whole of industry of Shandong machine tool
    The purpose that the country adjusts exit drawback nothing more than it is to should be reduced ” two tall one endowment ” (tall pollution, high cost can, resource) the production of the product and exit. To this, shandong mechanical industry runs the office from ” 15 ” during begin in a planned way to undertake introductory to the enterprise. “15 ” in 5 years, shandong mechanical industry throws 140 billion yuan of technical reformation that are used at the enterprise in all. Through transforming, industry equipment standard had qualitative flight, the technical equipment of 50 % reachs industry of Shandong province machinery domestic advanced level, 25 % achieve international advanced level, meanwhile, the backward product of large quantities of one tall pollution, high-energy bad news and craft are washed out thoroughly. Shandong saves machinery to be versed in industry government office comes on stage ” Shandong saves machinist job ” 915 ” development plans ” right ” 15 ” train of thought did farther outspread: “Advance industrial structure to optimize the change that upgrades to grow way with economy hard, support technology progresses, increase investment strength, accelerate new and high technology industrialization and use property of tradition of new and high technical reformation, exert oneself increases the engineering technology level of the enterprise and core competition capacity, outstanding expand pillar industry, do strong large company and breed well-known trademark, stimulative machinery industry lasts healthy and rapid development. ” at the same time, shandong province machinery does to still be opposite ” drive energy-saving fall bad news, have clean production, reasonable use resource, expand circular economy hard, control high cost strictly can, the production of tall pollution industry, eliminate backward productivity, craft and equipment ” did emphasize particularly.  
Specific to industry of machine tool tool, shandong saves vice-chairman of machinist trade association Liu Weidong says, shandong’s current machine tool yield is the same as industry platoon to be in the 2nd in the whole nation, measure of dimensions above industry exceeds 400, but the proportion that place of numerical control machine tool holds is relatively lesser, this had caused Shandong to save governmental height to take seriously. Numerical control machine tool has been in ” Shandong saves machinist job ” 915 ” development plans ” in key of the development that be labelled, and the larger support that hopeful wins province government in the near future. Actually, shandong does not lose in the potential advantage of respect of numerical control machine tool, the enterprise such as numerical control of 2 machine tools, Hua Dong already had quite in domain of numerical control machine tool make a contribution Jinan, also be based on this just about, the development that Shandong ability logarithm controls a machine tool is confident.

Shandong change foreign trade grows way
    According to custom statistic, shandong saves imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products first quarter 8.158 billion dollar, grow 24.8% compared to the same period. Among them, export 5.216 billion dollar, grow 36% compared to the same period, 33.6% what hold export of complete province foreign trade, than last year the corresponding period increases 1.4 percent. Among them, improvement trade of mechanical and electrical products exports 3.12 billion dollar, grow 33.7 % compared to the same period, occupy the 60 % that mechanical and electrical products exports, the class that exports a product is not satisfactory.

This year June, office of trade of the classics outside Shandong province came on stage ” the opinion that grows way about enlarging entrance change foreign trade actively ” . The opinion puts forward, according to Shandong provincial Party committee, province the government puts forward ” very good word pawn, medium beg fast, good rapid development ” requirement, shandong will accelerate change foreign trade to grow way, optimize structure of imports and exports, increase the entrance strength of advanced technique equipment and main strategy resource, raise quality of imports and exports and level.

Via trade office plan money is in a comrade of responsible drawback policy to say outside Shandong province, the country adjusted drawback policy to transmit very clear message to the enterprise, the product exit of high-energy bad news, tall pollution, low class will be restricted, the product that has content of high additional cost, hi-tech and own intellectual property only just is met in exit get support and be encouragemented. Include industry of machine tool tool inside all enterprises should insist to be adjusted in development, the train of thought that develops in adjust, understand the intention of national policy correctly, pattern of progressively implementation growth is achieved from the amount collect model to quality benefit model change; In the meantime, the backbone company that has stated dominant position and international competition ability wants active ” go ” , area of collaboration of commerce of the investment outside taking an active part in our country condition is built, expand to invest external, promote mature technology and crucial equipment export, add through contracting to do a job the infrastructure with high cost builds a project, drive the exit of whole set of equipment and large equipment.