Bought a machine tool to also can be mortgaged, half equipment money by assure the company is offerred assure

Like buying a machine tool to be able to resemble buying a house, do mortgaged. Yesterday, wen Zhou hands in company of 10 thousand travel, Electromechanical and golden trade to assure the company takes the lead in rolling out in whole town ” the machine tool is mortgaged ” new business. This is meant, the enterprise will be mixed henceforth individual manage door, the machine tool equipment that sells by company of 10 thousand Electromechanical is bought in Wen Zhou when, can pass head pay certain amount, get equipment of machinery of a complete set of with the means of instalment next.

Concern chief introduction according to limited company of equipment of 10 thousand Electromechanical, enterprise or individual manage door when buying mechanical equipment, need to pay the mechanical equipment money of 50% only, the others the equipment money of 50% by assure the company is offerred assure, through borrow money to the bank and realizing the access of equipment of pair of a complete set of. Loan time limit is a year, the two years longest, the company pays to still be borrowed by 12 months share inside a year, bank loan interest is buckled by season pay, accrual chases season to decrease by actual loan amount, final profit follows this Qing Dynasty.

It is reported, “The machine tool is mortgaged ” new business will alleviate effectively the capital pressure when medium, small company is expanding scale of production or updating equipment is transformed; In the meantime, also be to be in lukewarm state city to launch the program of a materiality that rolls out below the big setting that solves financing difficult problem for medium, small company.