Cape CNC to Tibetan constant temperature and humidity workshop will be capped

The world’s largest underground factory, complete technique and industrial chain, perennial at 22 degrees Celsius, autonomous matching rate reached 85% & hellip;& hellip;It’s cape numerical control co., LTD. The constant temperature and humidity of workshop.The monomer of 25 square meters constant temperature and humidity workshop for the whole year, is the world’s largest, constant temperature and humidity workshop area is equivalent to 30 standard football field so big, is currently the largest domestic machine tool industry investment projects.Cape CNC to Tibetan why built underground constant temperature and humidity workshop will cap?Factory was built in underground, is for the sake of constant temperature and humidity in the form of energy conservation and environmental protection, guarantee precision manufacturing.Get up because of the high grade five axis nc and intelligent manufacturing equipment of processing and assembling of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, shock index demand is extremely high, while the constant temperature layers under the surface can provide a stable temperature and humidity environment, external interference factors is difficult to conduction to the underground space.Therefore, the choice set up factories in underground.Underground kingdom machine around the industrial park is currently the international intelligent manufacturing equipment industry of nc machine tools and industrial robots, technique and the most complete industry chain layout park, 25 square meters underground powerhouse is the world’s largest, constant temperature and humidity workshop is the largest project in the domestic machine tool industry investment.Cape CNC to Tibetan constant temperature and humidity after the completion of the workshop will be capped with 11 specialized subsidiaries: dalian koyo technology engineering co., LTD., cape numerical control co., LTD., dalian koyo automatic hydraulic system co., LTD., dalian koyo Shi Chuang body casting co., LTD., dalian koyo servo motor co., LTD., dalian koyo co., LTD., dalian koyo robot sensor features koyo co., LTD., dalian machine tool co., LTD., dalian cape vertical compound machine tool co., LTD., dalian cape horizontal compound machine tool co., LTD., dalian cape tool grinding machine co., LTD.The project total investment 2.3 billion yuan, reaches producing the year after sales over ten billion yuan.Will vigorously support the realization of the “made in China 2025” power platform, promote the rapid formation of the world first-class, the international advanced high-grade CNC industry cluster, the first in the aviation, aerospace, energy, automotive, and other areas of the core implementation to replace imports, to high-end CNC machine tools with high cost performance into the area, all the way into the international market.Build earth friendly factory park will use wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, high water valley of energy, heat, electricity and other composite comprehensive utilization of energy, energy management system consists of sensor, controller, Internet of things, such as Internet, meteorological information through large data processing, automatic distribution and adjustment of energy to achieve comprehensive energy management, this system can save energy consumption of about 50 million yuan a year.(the original title: the world’s largest & other;The underground factory & throughout;Caps right away!)(source: cape nc)