CIROS a line of the organizing committee to visit the exhibition in Chicago

3 – April 6, 2017, 2017, the Chicago international automation and robot exhibition held (hereinafter referred to as the AUTOMATE), in order to strengthen our economic and trade cooperation with North America in the automation industry, and technical exchanges, and further explore the United States and the north American market, promotes our country machinery exports, leading Chinese enterprises go out guidelines to AUTOMATE the sponsors invite, CIROS organizing committee organized domestic robots and automation industry enterprises to AUTOMATE the exhibition.CIROS organizing committee also organized domestic enterprise management personnel, engineering and technical personnel and scientific research institutes and other industry experts visited AUTOMATE a group exhibition.American international exhibition on automation and robotics (AUTOMATE) is by the automation industry association (including the robot industry association, the association of global visual and motor control association) sponsored by the professional technology trade show, held once every two years, the exhibition is North America’s largest and most important robots and automation technology, through the chance for two years, the robotic automation professionals around the world gather together to share the latest and most advanced technologies and scientific and technological achievements of robot.AUTOMATE AUTOMATE show exhibition display products involve applications include aerospace, mechanical processing, packaging, printing, rubber, public transportation, warehousing, agricultural, chemicals, consumer products, electronics industry, new energy, including solar and wind power), training, medical, furniture, glass, etc.During the exhibition organizing committee CIROS in addition to lead the domestic team zero distance contact north American big scale, on behalf of the latest technology of industrial robot exhibition also led the team to visit examines the Panasonic factory (important subsidiary of Panasonic in North America), Alphabet (Google robot business group), such as adept company famous robot company.CIROS2017 AUTOMATE show the 6th China international robot exhibition, as China’s largest and most professional platform for the whole industry chain robot, 2017 the 6th China international robot exhibition (CIROS2017) is scheduled for July 5-8, 2017 in Shanghai hongqiao state exhibition center hall 4.1 H, 3 H, NH.Over the same period there will be a SIAS2017 Shanghai international exhibition of industrial automation, virtual reality VR\/AR2017 Shanghai international experience and the intelligent motor show in 2017 China international exhibition held together.In the industrial robot body, plane, integration application solutions, machine vision, service robots, automation and robot many aspects, such as the core technology and key parts, CIROS2017 will bring new feelings to professional audience and strong visual impact.Centered in Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta economic circle in China’s largest automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, new energy, mold manufacturing, power generation and transmission and distribution industry, industrial automation, such as electronic information industry users, become automated enterprise focus on the importance of does its best to expand.In order to promote China’s industrial intelligent and automated processes, comply with the demand of market, & other;SIAS2017 Shanghai international exhibition of industrial automation & throughout;Will be in July 5-8, 2017 was held at the national convention center (Shanghai), perfect intelligence and innovation of industrial automation.(the original title: the organizing committee of the CIROS delegation attending inspection AUTOMATE2017 Chicago exhibition) (source: the organizing committee of the CIROS)