Competition of numerical control final is intense young employee distinguish oneself

Through 3 days of nervous and intense contend, outfit of machine tool of jockey of machining center of contest of skill of profession of worker of the 5th whole nation, numerical control moves maintenance to be versed in finals will be in Beijing to fall on October 16 next heavy curtain. Young employee is most advanced distinguish oneself of respect of numerical control technology.    According to statistic, player of final of two type of work all comes from manufacturing a gleam of, among them 17.65% for 90 hind.    This skill contest that believes a combination to hold by ministry of federation of trade unions of China whole nation, science and technology, person company department, labour, started on April 30 this year, the member that installed machine tool of machining center jockey, numerical control to install tone to maintain programmer of labour, solderer, computer, painterly scale in all 5 kinds of type of work. Among them, test specimen of final of machining center jockey installs 113 technologies to check a place, outfit of numerical control machine tool moves maintenance to be versed in finals examines 6 big technical ability, introduce the world the most advanced detect the application of the tool. And painterly scale member it is the nationwide contest type of work that begins first. Through layer upon layer choose, large unit of 30 provinces, city, municipality and Xinjiang production construction expedites 428 141 teams, players to take part in the match in all.    In Beijing game ball, 88 29 delegations, players attended final of machining center jockey; 82 27 delegations, players attended numerical control machine tool to install tone to maintain labour final.    The intense contend of two type of work comes continuously from October 12 on October 16. In participating in 170 among them players, have 30 90 hind, occupy 17.65% ; The farmer is versed in 19, occupy 11.18% ; Worker of blame public company 60, occupy 35.29% . Take part in the match in the player, the age is 48 the biggest years old, 19 the smallest years old.    Numerical control machining center and outfit attune maintenance are the forward position skill of current manufacturing industry, the skill that also is manufacturing industry of development high end is propped up. Accordingly, this contest choice regards match project as these two type of work, learn in order to surpass hurried, and the technical backbone that choose will come to produce a gleam of habitat, provide the platform of skill of technology of compare notes craft, communication, promotion, fast grow into useful timber for them.    Federation of trade unions of China whole nation points out about chief, the contest blends in our country masses actively to do poineering work, the tendency of the day that millions of people innovates, height agrees ” China is made 2025 ” strategic program, already became each industry worker to show the craft of competence, compare notes, main arena that shows elegant demeanour. The hope passes contest choose large quantities of one excellent talents and innovation technology, pass the joint efforts of whole society, cogent the craft of the person of more of craft translate into a person, promote and produce a batch of positive result, affect and drive more person to build the situation that talent of knowledge of esteem labor, esteem, esteem, esteem creates.    It is reported, this second contest attracted worker of broad a gleam of to take an active part in, three hundred and ninety-eight thousand five hundred workers played game of provincial trials preelection, drive each to save 1586 type of work to hold skill contest at the same time, 3.455 million workers attend, twenty-three thousand seven hundred person (second) the worker is rising technical grade, among them 7200 more than person rises senior technician or technician continuously.    Office of contest organizing committee expresses, final of each type of work accords with conditional player the 1st times, will declare by the program ” 51 labor of countrywide are numismatic ” ; Before final of each type of work 5 player, will award by person company department ” countrywide technology expert ” title, qualification of profession of direct and rising technician, already possessed technician profession qualification, can promote to a high office qualification of senior technician profession; Finals the 6th player to 20, can promote to a high office directly qualification of profession of senior worker worker, already possessed qualification of profession of senior worker worker, can promote to a high office technician profession qualification.    Contest of skill of countrywide worker profession attributes national level a kind of contest, already held 4 up to now from 2003. According to statistic, accumulative total of before 4 contests attracts 4000 much workers to attend.