Dalian machine tool and chairman Chen Yongkai was denounced

On August 24, the bank of China between dealers association announced on the dalian machine tool group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Dalian machine tool & throughout;)Dispose of information, dalian machine tool and enterprise responsible Chen Yongkai denounced, dalian machine tool related business debt financing tools and suspended.Dalian machine tool group chairman of the board of directors Chen Yongkai announcement, dalian machine tool as debt financing tool, the issuer under debt financing tools exist during the release in violation of the interbank market relevant self-discipline rules to guide behaviour: a, & other16 big machine SCP002 & throughout;, & other16 big machine SCP003 & throughout;Credit measures improve information disclosure exists major omissions;Second, failed to timely disclosure of corporate debt matters not in time on the overdue situation and inform lead underwriters, prompt their holders meeting;Third, failed to timely disclosure & other;16 big machine SCP003 & throughout;To raise funds use change situation;Four, failure to disclose significant assets (mass) and situation;Five, not disclosed in 2016 annual report and a quarterly in 2017.According to related regulation, self-discipline deliberation by the session of the fourth self-discipline dispose 2017, dalian machine tool denounced sanctions, order them according to the case to conduct a comprehensive in-depth rectification, the problems exposed by the suspension of dalian machine tool debt financing tools related business;Give business partners Chen Yongkai denounced sanction, and disclosure of related training to attend association.Dealers association said, at present, dalian machine tool on the other person’s opinion to dispose the meeting review, self-discipline to discipline disposition decision has been made shall be separately notified.Dalian machine tool other suspected of violating the rules of self-discipline is still under investigation, the association will be further processing according to the investigation.(the original title: dalian machine tool and chairman Chen Yongkai was denounced) (source: iron man)