Daming heavy quality service recognized further open the international market

In China’s jiangsu province jiangyin bridge of jiangyin & ndash;Jingjiang industrial park of daming heavy industry is one of the eight major processing center of daming group.In early January 2018, daming heavy again and agreement on the international first-class engineering machinery manufacturers cooperation, for the machining of form a complete set of 700 tons of large excavator turntable body parts, recently, the processing draws near.According to introducing, the partners need to make the excavator on frame from left platform main body, the right platform, rotary table three parts.The frame on the machining process with the machining, precision demand is high, the processing quality directly affect the engine performance, is the key structure excavator.As domestic steel processing industry leading enterprises, daming heavy welding platform with large steel structure, dual phase steel hulls, container barrel and precision sheet metal products such as welding ability.For the machining of large structures, daming heavy industry production of three considering the 2 sets of solutions, including one clamping complete machining plan because of the large workpiece quality, high center of mass, the operating personnel security, machining accuracy, machine tool life, the production efficiency, as well as unfavorable factors, the final proposals were rejected.Considerations on the stability of the processing technology, production of three eventually decided to adopt the second clamping complete scheme of the turntable subject all machining, through changing the subject pro and con the clamping, the use of five-axis linkage of Italian and British 280 floor boring and milling machining center, complete the slewing bearing and slewing reducer milling surface processing of the installation, as well as to the movable arm mounting holes and movable arm cylinder installation hole drilling, machining process quality products customers recognition.In recent years, daming heavy industry further develop overseas market, also made a lot of effort for this purpose.In order to further open the European market, steel structure, pressure vessel daming heavy European customers high standard requirements for welding enterprise qualification and product research.On October 11, 2016, TÜV led to daming heavy welding enterprise qualification certification, ISO welding procedure qualification and welder qualification exam;On April 15, 2017, daming heavy industry well received EN1090 welder certificate and ISO3834 welding procedure qualification certificate.On August 15 to 17, 2017, TÜV panel at daming heavy industry, to EN1090 ISO3834 forensics has carried on the review for the first time.In the review process, TÜV experts focus on the company products, steel structure, pressure vessel and the installation condition of manufacturing equipment, personnel, facilities and other resources is given a high evaluation.Experts for daming heavy industries, on the establishment and operation of the quality assurance system in the detailed audit, the deficiencies are also given in the professional guidance.Through continuous improvement, improve, December 27, 2017, daming heavy industry achieved T&Uuml smoothly;VRheinland issued qualification certificates.Increasing participation in the certification and qualification evaluation, is the pursuit to daming heavy industry enterprise, to go on.The development of the company without the guarantee of quality and market development, the company has a group of processing technology professionals, and through years of external processing services, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, castings and forgings, special steel various materials, various types of parts processing accumulated rich experience.Believe that through the cooperation, can make daming heavy industry to further open the international market, make more excellent products to the world of daming heavy 2018 has come, let us together look forward to daming excellent performance of the company.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)