Deepness is analytic modified is plastic in car of new energy resources light quantify the demand on and application

The car is small quantify drive a car to use modified plastic demand, automobile industry has become modified plastic demand is added fast the fastest domain. Modified is plastic and downstream the biggest application field is home appliance and car, in the car light quantify drive next automobile industries to had become modified plastic demand is added fast the fastest domain, predict in the near future domestic car uses modified plastic demand year add on average fast will be in 15% above.

One, modified is plastic brief introduction

1, the classification with plastic modified

Modified is plastic it is to point to through adding appropriate modifier, the course is mixed in all, fill, increase, the physics such as copolymerization, cross-linking, chemical method is right general and plastic with the project plastic undertake modified, the resin that wait for function in order to raise sex of its tenacity, intensity, drawing, impact resistance, anti-flammability and gets / plastic.

Because this modified is plastic,the upper reaches of industrial catenary is the synthetic resin such as PE, PP, PVC, through physics chemical perhaps method undertakes modified gets modified plastic resin, repass is crowded piece, note model, pressure delay wait for craft to get modified plastic products, because its performance is superior, plastic products applies modified extensively at the industry such as home appliance, car, building.

Modified is plastic industrial catenary

According to the function after modified, modified is plastic include flame retardant colophony kind, enhance the colophony that add pliable but strong kind, plastic alloy kind, functional lubricious mother kind wait for sort, each sort pledge by the capable person with different move can fractionize goes down, and as a result of respective function difference, applied domain also has each different.

The classification with plastic modified

Modified is plastic classification and utility

2, modified technology

Modified technology includes to be mixed in all, fill, increase wait for the chemical method such as physical method and copolymerization, cross-linking, physical method is current the most important modified method, mix in all, the need such as fill chooses ability of appropriate modifier, filling to achieve specific modified goal.


Modifier also perhaps calls auxiliary to be able to be divided for processing aid and functional auxiliary.

Processing aid is to be used at improving plastic treatment to flow denaturation and shape the auxiliary of function, basically include: The compatibility; that the appearance of dispersive sex; that the dispersive agent of thermal stability; that lubricant improves the fluidity; of base material to heat up stabilizing agent, antioxidant to improve base material improves base material allows agent, coupling agent to improve base material bridges the agent, melt strength that gains adhesive to improve base material.

Functional auxiliary basically is used at improving the physics of base material, chemical character, include: Fire retardant improves the concussion sex; that; of the tigidity that agent of filler, nucleus improves base material, intensity fights strong modifier to improve base material the anti-flammability of base material, the material after modified is in when be atttacked by igneous cause, can effective prevent, defer or stop what the transmission; stable agent of blaze improves base material to be able to bear or endure the conductivity that filling of electric coating of the; that await a gender, antistatic agent improves base material, antistatic agent can be reduced plastic the static electrodeposition in machine and using a process is tired, the makings of density; color of the base material of change of vesicant of soft hardness; that reduces material surface resistor to lead; plasticizer to improve base material changes the transparency of base material, color.

The utility of a few modifier

Modified method

The method that has modified to colophony can be divided for physical method and chemical method, include stuff, mix in all, increase, copolymerization, cross-linking is waited a moment, at present the modified technology of the mainstream is with fill, mix in all, increase wait for the physical modified technology that give priority to.

Fill is wait for mineral, modifier filler and plastic mix in all, making the function such as plastic shrinkage, hardness, intensity gets; is mixed in all ameliorative is mix into enter a kind or a variety of other colophony, modifier or mineral, increasing in order to improve original function; is wait for fibre glass with plastic mix in all in order to enhance plastic mechanical strength.

Modified technology

Use at fill, mix in all, once buildup modified recipe is affirmatory, not tall to the particular operation requirement of downstream manufacturing facilities. Characteristic of this one technology decided modified is plastic the design that crucial working procedure of production depends on modified recipe, from the point of current condition, general-purpose the condition that the primitive recipe with great variety plastic modified is in the market basically to make public, and in the lead company hand that the recipe with high-powered major plastic modified grasps inside each fractionize domain.

3, use a field

Modified is plastic the function that waits for a respect in anti-flammability, intensity, impact resistance, tenacity excel is general and plastic, downstream application field is extensive, basically apply at the domain such as equipment of home appliance, car, building, office, machinery, among them home appliance, car is its biggest two application field, plastic consumption had been close to domestic modified 2015 10 million tons, as science and technology progress and industry upgrade its apply downstream still be in extend ceaselessly.

Car domain modified is plastic

Automobile industry has become modified plastic demand is added fast the fastest domain. According to the market advisory orgnaization Marketsand Markets predicts, global car used hopeful of plastic market prise to be added by the twenty-one billion six hundred and sixteen million dollar 2012 to forty-six billion one hundred and twelve million dollar 2018, consumption predicts will add by 7.1 million tons of 2012 reach 11.3 million tons of 2018, 2013 ~ demand is compound during 2018 year increase rate will amount to safety of structure of 13.4% automobile body

Car automobile body and inside and outside are acted the role of light quantified premise is stiffness of car security, automobile body, fatigue wear, hold control the contented demand such as stability and oscillatory and comfortable sex. The purpose of safety of automobile body structure depends on protecting the security of the member that multiply inside the car, belong to the passive and safe category of the car, whether can the safety performance of automobile body structure satisfy immediate impact the front to the car collision, flank collision, from the back collision, roll and these passive safety such as low speed collision ask.

At present safe code has passivity of each country car: Systematic stiffness analyses European code

What stiffness of automobile body whole points to is the relation between the load that automobile body is brought to bear on by the outside and the deflection that white after applying to load to carry on one’s shoulder or back automobile body produces. The premise that if where to contented automobile body is assembled and use a requirement,automobile body stiffness reflected comes down to control automobile body construction the deflection of each place, so if design of automobile body stiffness is unreasonable, meet those who cause frequency of automobile body vibration reduce, cause the demand that takes the short of such as function of comfortable sex, service life and collision security, NVH truckloadly to design thereby. The design of contemporary automobile body is to reduce the premise of automobile body quality to fall as far as possible, of the oldest rate raise stiffness of car automobile body.

Light quantify coefficient

Automobile body is light quantify coefficient L

Of interior trim weight reduce can apply modified through how plastic will achieve, of automobile body and chassis weight reduce besides above what say outside using high strenth steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, investigator advanced the idea of complete model automobile body even, put forward compositive turn the idea that exceeds car of light new energy resources, super- car of light new energy resources is main by system of drive battery unit, travel, turn to system, aluminium to make automobile body of automobile body frame, composite material, model change the composition such as the floor, quality of automobile body reorganize and outfit can reduce 850kg modified plastic an application that go up is acted the role of in car inside and outside


At present dashboard basically has horniness dashboard and soft qualitative panel two kinds of forms, soft qualitative dashboard is used by more high-grade car commonly, and the model such as coach, van uses horniness dashboard basically. Dashboard is made with modified PP material commonly, basically be in modified PP with balata kind flexibilizer and inorganic stuff stuff give priority to material of; dashboard skin with PVC/ABS, PVC is in impulse withstand go up to lose quite with hear resistance, ABS mechanical function and processing capability are better, and can have couple with PVC, will both undertake assorted can be formationed complementary.

Inside the door board

Compare commonly used production door at present inside board modified is plastic it is ABS, PP, design framework with them, and the surface contains a resilient coating, resilient coating uses PP dacron of epispastic, TPU, knitting. In a few models of general, Xue Folan, framework, face plate uses fibre glass to enhance not saturated polyester piece modified of shape moulding makings is plastic in the function, the application on structural member


Car bumper is one of main parts of use modified material, at present the major bumper on the market is use plastic products to make and become, the face plate of bumper is the material such as PP, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, framework is lumber or the material such as the metal, intermediate part is PP epispastic material. This kind of data looks from environmental protection angle go against reclaim, TPO, framework can be used to be able to enhance the PP material, part intermediate to be able to use epispastic PP with Bo fine when face plate of the bumper that make through ceaseless innovation, the material that uses same property makes bumper character, it is OK to should undertake cleanness and dry processing only before undertaking reclaiming.

Ignite gasoline tank

In side of box of the fuel that make, modified is plastic also producing main effect, can mix the material such as colophony, adhesive, PA according to certain proportion, blow model to shape next. In addition, still can use freeboard element to measure the material such as colophony of PA of high density polyethylene, copolymerization, EVOH to make fuel case.

Engine receives the valve that enrage Qi

The canal of the Qi that take energy of life in the car is in it is certain to make presence difficulty, because the form into gas manifold is more complex,basically be, modified is at present plastic it is to use AIM craft to undertake making mostly on the production that is in charge of into gas Qi in engine, in the engine of a few model of Kelaisile, Kaidilake, the manifold that take energy of life applied Bo fine to enhance PA.

The temperature in moving in car engine will be ceaseless and elevatory, so the component of engine periphery must be in bear 220 Celsius high temperature while still can retain superhigh strength, if be to comparing cold weather to fall to have even,bear the function of microtherm, because this uses PA66 data commonly,will ensure plastic the performance that turns a hardware.

Clutch implements a system

Because work and clutch often gets again below high temperature environment the influence of force-feed lubrication fat dose, metallic data is used in traditional workmanship, but in ceaseless experiment, the plastic clutch that make carries out modified systematic advantage is more clear, 50% long fiber are used to enhance raw material of black nylon LFRT when production clutch implements a system, stability is taller, and managing cost.

Fiber increases plastic the application in the car

Fiber increases plastic it is colophony is mixed enhance fiber compound and become material, auto industry basically uses fibre glass to increase thermoplastic plastic, it has density to shape smally, easily, the design is agile and beautiful, anti-corrosive, impulse withstand, fight brace up, heat insolation lies between report, besmear easily outfit, intensity the characteristic with tall, low cost.

At present fibre glass enhances not saturated polyester piece the application of composite material of carbon fiber of shape moulding makings in the car

Carbon fiber car is small quantify a solution

The place on put together is narrated, enhance the development of plastic technology as fiber, especially the development of technology of carbon fiber composite material, be based on modified plastic the car whole with composite material is light quantify a solution to become a possibility. Current main obstacle is carbon fiber price exorbitant still, those who be used at auto industry is big at present the price is in bundle of carbon fiber 15 dollars / kilogram above, fall when the price only 10 dollars / kilogram or the following when, the intermediate car that 300 thousand RMB controls price ability may be large-scale use.

4, the car uses modified plastic market analysis

Global car uses modified plastic mart

Modified is at present plastic those who make dosage highest is bicycle of heart department car, the utilization rate with its plastic modified was achieved 22% for 300-360 kilogram, the average level of Euramerican country also was achieved 16% for 210-260 kilogram, the modified that our country rides the bicycle that use a car is plastic utilization rate has 8% to be 100-130 kilogram only.

Euramerican 2016 accrete produced 21.86 million to multiply with the car, and China was produced by with the car 24.24 million, from this calculative whole world multiplies modified of the bicycle that use a car plastic increase advantageous position average dosage is 152-191 kilogram, take intermediate value to be 171 kilogram. The whole world was 72.1 million by the crop that use a car 2016, the modified of need is plastic it is 12.33 million tons, pressing unit price 18 thousand / ton will calculate, global car used modified 2016 plastic mart space is 221.9 billion RMB.

According to be being forecasted the whole world multiplied the crop that use a car to will achieve 81.48 million or so 2020, and consideration car is small quantify the bicycle below the trend to use up modified the addition of plastic quantity, assume plastic dosage increased global bicycle modified to 200 kilogram 2020, space of this one market will be close to 300 billion RMB, 2017-2020 is added on average year after year fast for 7% the left and right sides. Global car uses modified the main participator of plastic mart is enterprise of large chemical industry, for instance Basifu, general establishs car of 10 thousand China to use modified plastic mart

At present China has on 1000 enterprises to be engaged in modified the enterprise of plastic production, but dimensions above enterprise has more than 70 only, from produce can go up look, domestic company is held 73% the left and right sides, abroad or joint ventures are occupied it is than making an appointment with 27% , but have rate case to look from the market, domestic company market is had rate it is only 30% , and foreign business market is had rate be as high as 70% . Had established modified in home at present the foreign big company of plastic production base has SABIC company, Du Bang manage of company of company of company, SOLVAY company, contented family name, German BASF company, LANXESS, BAYER, Celanese, Japan Xu Huacheng company, treasure is plastic company, company of Korea SamSung company, LG company, bright and beautiful lake, holand DSM company.

Farther specific use modified to the car plastic domain, pressing home took the crop that use a car 2016 24.24 million and bicycle modified is plastic 115 kilogram come to dosage computation, domestic car uses modified plastic demand is 2.78 million tons, market space is in 40 billion above. But compare the whole world the modified of 40% is plastic use at automobile industry, china only 10% the left and right sides, multiply inside this foreign country add with the car fast ambitious multiply at the whole world add with the car fast, according to matchless car academy forecast, to 2020 China multiplies the output that use a car to will achieve 28.65 million or so, domestic car uses modified plastic development potential is tremendous.

On the other hand, society of Chinese car project released in October 2016 ” energy-saving with route chart of technology of car of new energy resources ” point out, to 2020, 2025, 2030, truckload quality needs to be weighed than was being decreased respectively 2015 10% , 20% , 35% . In addition China also is the market of car of new energy resources with the biggest whole world, 43.7% what new 2016 energy resources takes the whole world by the sales volume that use a car, in the near future will with annual 40% right-and-left rate rise, to 2020 crop will achieve 2 million, car of new energy resources is right light the dependence that quantifies a technology is bigger, because modified of this home bicycle is plastic,dosage will appear to grow considerably.

Conservative although to 2020 home multiplies modified of the bicycle that use a car,calculate plastic dosage achieves 150kg only, market space also will be close to 65 billion RMB, 2017-2020 year year add on average fast if to 2020 bicycle dosage is achieved,will achieve 11% or so; now global average 170kg, market space will exceed 70 billion yuan, 2017-2020 year year add on average fast if to 2020 bicycle dosage overtakes global average 200kg,will achieve 15% or so; , market space will exceed 85 billion yuan, 2017-2020 year year add on average fast will adjacent 20% .