Development of Chinese manufacturing industry drives growth of demand of Japanese machine tool

2018, china predicts to still can expand continuously in the demand of mechanical domain, among them machine tool order will increase. Development of Chinese manufacturing industry drives demand of Japanese machine tool to grow its to there was inkling last year really. In light of the data that releases according to association of Japanese machine tool industry, 2017, the machine tool order of annual grew Japan compared to the same period 2017 31.6% , achieve the history new tall, among them ” Chinese market anabiosises ” be order growth advocate because of. Japan is one of main countries that entrance of Chinese machine tool cooperates, especially Chinese manufacturing industry develops flourishingly, grow to the demand of the machine tool, quality the Japanese machine tool with excellent, advanced technology is a right choice. Japanese respect also very value Chinese market, predict 2018 order of Chinese machine tool will be achieved 1.7 trillion, relatively grew 3% last year, become Japanese main machine tool to export a nation. Development of Chinese machine tool is rapid in recent years, crucial technology obtains a breakthrough one after another, had had definite technical advantage. And industry of our country machine tool is changing development to area, like Chongqing always plain, area of Beijing and other places is making base of property of high-end machine tool actively. Enterprise of Chinese machine tool still is China is made the strongest prop up, and the entrance increases, can explain our country machine tool develops speed to cannot satisfy the demand that develop at full speed because of manufacturing industry and increases completely only. Current, our country in medium, low end the machine tool produces a respect to had had actual strength quite, how to improve a technology, strike high end, it is the issue that enterprise of all machine tool needs to solve next. 2018, market of Chinese machine tool has latent capacity extremely as before. China is one of countries of the biggest machine tool consumption on the world all the time. While the foreign enterprise is swarmed into ceaselessly nowadays, the quantity still is in number of feed inlet of our country machine tool to be added ceaselessly go up, besides the specification our country manufacturing industry is besides flying development, also reflected demand of market of domestic machine tool giant. As we have learned, settle always plain machine tool of German dust mark is in 2017 sale nearby 300 million yuan. Will look with current development, in the near future market of Chinese machine tool still can continue to rise. Industry of Chinese machine tool grows shoulder heavy responsibilities, the entrance is a method is not a result. How to let Chinese market approve Chinese machine tool, how to form oneself brand and technical advantage, these problems even him enterprise is solved.