DMC2017 held successfully Cooperation and promote lean manufacturing

In & other;Cooperation and promote lean manufacturing, mold development and prototyping & throughout;As the theme of 2017 China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, June 13 to 16, held in Shanghai new international expo center grand.More than 6 square meters of 2017 China international mold exhibition at home and abroad shows the mould industry & other;Refinement, automation, informatization, integration, network, intelligent & throughout;Exhibits, attracted from Switzerland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, France and so on nearly 20 countries and regions about thousands of exhibitors on the, will actively expand upstream and downstream each other, promote the innovation drive for industry quality, increase efficiency, the collaborative manufacturing set up extensive exchange window, continue to carry out technical exchanges for the enterprise, equipment procurement, marketing, trade and economic cooperation, etc. Provides the omni-directional service.As China mold and die industry the most authoritative annual event, 2017 China international mold exhibition received the national association of local mould and mould concentrated area and industry organization support both at home and abroad, from the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, beijing-tianjin-hebei, and Midwest nearly thirty pavilion qi qi appearance, leading the industry technological progress, service & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;.Is mould manufacturer in China, the mold output value of 220 billion yuan in 2016, export mould of $5 billion, 189 export countries and regions, the mold industry maintained a steady development, transformation and upgrading to further accelerate the pledges and synergistic prospect can issue of landscape.2017 China international die mold exhibition brings together the domestic good brand, about 500 of China’s most representative mould enterprises in E4 and E5 pavilion, from more than 30 provinces, city, district mould zones of the local association group collective appearance, mold manufacturing industry shows the area.The giant faw mould, auto mould industry, pushtun TianQi, gue automobile mould, hunan coyle xiaoguang, Shanghai, anhui jianghuai fu “, yibin pushtun stirring of the automobile body mould, such as shenzhen silver baoshan new, zhejiang huangyan KaiHua, arc acquisitive mould, ningbo far east and gree daikin brought new application of auto plastic mould and die casting key leading enterprise zhejiang “Howe, China, wuxi hoang minh hao and other auto parts stamping die and more than 200 auto mould enterprises gathered in E5 pavilion.Germany FIBRO, Japanese MISUMI m, m, Meusburger, vibration Strack, Quiri, inscription, and mold standard parts such as dragon exhibits and thought, ‘xiao, Mr Bernanke for red, plastic and Mr G, superior, kunshan, domestic and international famous hot runner exhibitors par;Wuxi micro research of stamping exhibits and wuxi micro research tool in the two exhibition space, show the top technical levels of mold parts.2017 China international mold exhibition is to show the domestic auto mould level of high-end manufacturing stage at present, several large automobile mold manufacturers to carry its first product showcase.Shenzhen silver baoshan new brought its first product double material injection and free cooling oil cylinder, it is a large auto injection mold of two-color injection molding hot runner system, using free cooling oil cylinder and laminated installation technology for the first time, large double color mould can be used in the automotive industry;Gree daikin has brought a series of auto lamp mould, starting the machining accuracy is 0.001 mm, processing equipment to meet the optical precision is 0.01 mm;Brought its first product, xiamen golden dragon auto export Egypt’s new sea lions on the left side of the mold and its parts, before the machine cover plate drawing parts and before the machine enclosure panel drawing mould, rui gue brought its starting jaguar XFL models all aluminum cover, Lincoln MKS side round plate, etc., fully display its lightweight technology development efforts.In addition to beilun Qi Karen, jun teng, Australian matt, beilun industry such as melting, Mao mold beilun die casting mould pavilion, hong da motor iron core mold, such as sheet metal bending mould companies such as anhui alliance, xiamen branch, only ChengYi mold, precision injection mould, such as Qingdao actis, changzhou bo win in hall E4 and E5 companies also appear on the blockbuster, yangzhou forging, zane, auspicious xin stamping die process equipment integrated manufacturing enterprises, fully shows the current development level of domestic collaborative manufacturing.Another giant global material plate mold material came out, a win best, jose – green root, SIJ, France ERASTEEL parker, bo le datong special steel, special steel, Italy verona, Hitachi metals booth size has widened;Domestic leading enterprises in the northeast special steel, baosteel, macro sheng Shanghai heavy, honest, characterized by international, letter chang following industry, etc.Enterprise to compete at home and abroad, brought unprecedented agglomeration effect of die steel and material application technology support services, for the mold industry to provide more high quality and competitive solution.In addition, the 2017 China international mold exhibition brings together the world’s most advanced machining center and the high speed milling, CNC grinding machine;Numerical control special machine tools;Measuring instrument;Knife, quantity, clamp etc, fine products, focusing on the tip of the current precision machining manufacturing level.E1 and E2 blockbuster to build international exhibition, with European and Japanese like GF, Makino, Sodick, mitsubishi and other mainly centralized demonstration area, forming precision machining manufacturing machine tool automation and measurement of top companies such as Hexagon, Fanuc, Zeiss, Wenzel, etc., show the mold concept of automatic production lines, Beijing carved with top CNC machine and fine processing technology, large scale exhibition, build industry top die & mould manufacturing technology and concept show platform.World famous GF processing scheme with latest precision CNC wire cutting machine CUT P 350 and new high-performance processing center MILL P 800 U.Makino to meet mould research and development of automated production and admire the E3 vertical machining center also exhibited in eastern China for the first time Beijing carved with the integration of five-axis linkage machine JDGR200_A10H, adopts full closed loop control technology, can effectively improve the precision of the machine parts machining accuracy and stability;Love rover also shows its latest ERC robot 80, more than two hundred bin covers an area of 2 square metre only, have a little space characteristics of large capacity, brought a single robot service two perfect connection machine tool of flexible manufacturing unit;Another shaddick specifically for the Chinese market development and manufacturing of small, such as high precision machining center S50L embodies the 2017 China international mould exhibition exhibits outstanding & other;Refinement, automation, informatization, integration, network, intelligent & throughout;The characteristics of.(the original title: 2017 China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, promote cooperation and lean manufacturing) (source: China JingJiWang)