DMG embraces digitlization and machine tool of show of 6 global head

2016 Fulangdu opens visiting dayDuring New Year comes, DMG MORI will be in Fulangdu shows DECKEL MAHO again between open visiting date newest innovation technology. Traditional DMG MORI opens visiting day activity to will come 30 days on January 26, 2016 in DECKEL MAHO Fulangdu is held, newest innovation technology and breakthrough skill demonstrate the spot between open visiting date. Exhibit an area 7, 400 M² , the high-tech machine tool that the spot demonstrates amounts to 90 in all, include DMG MORI among them best-selling machine tool and elegant machine tool of 6 global head, include a car / mill is machine tool of compound and complete treatment, all-purpose milling machine, processing technique of XXL class spare parts reachs new processing technique. Outside the production that removes innovation and automation solution, the CELOS® of DMG MORI and loop of DMG MORI treatment will develop industry for the user the road of the digitlization that 4 timeses intelligence turns production. Industry the CELOS of 4 timeses®Reach DMG MORI to machine a loopThe CELOS® of DMG MORI offers the most advanced user interface, it can continue newlier to expand with new application process and program, it is industry the off-the-peg solution of 4. CELOS®Use easily, simple like use smartphone, in the company network that all machine tools can accept production business, accordingly it can simplify to arrive from conception the process of finished product. Preparation of personnel of operation of help of 16 application process, optimize reach processing to produce the job, devoid any accident, let an user can last management, documentation is examined reach indication task sheet, craft and machine tool data, because this can increase manufacturing profit capacity in the round. Treatment of 31 DMG MORI is another large window circularly, DMG MORI will reach a car in the most advanced 5 axes / mill shows these software solutions on compound machining center, finish sophisticated treatment job easily with them. The treatment measure with the sensitive menu, complex context that parameter changes is directly entirely on the machine tool process designing, speed is accelerated amount to 60 % . Learn to go to the lavatory, the aspect of data input window with nice design helps an user relaxed data-in, need process designing scarcely, avoid complex DIN format process designing. Accordingly, the tool of ideal workshop process designing that DMG MORI treatment is specific application circularly. Global head is beautiful: The 2nd acting CTX Gamma 3000 TCLength of turning of the 2nd acting CTX Gamma 3000 TC is amounted to 3, 050 Mm, the car that series of this CTX TC improves a design in the round / mill is compound machine a machine tool, its turning length makes its become DMG MORI to produce most cart / mill is compound machine a machine tool. Be the same as series with its lesser machine tool is same, this machine also matchs brand-new CompactMASTER® mill / car main shaft, torque rises 120% , amount to 220 Nm. The length of CompactMASTER® main shaft of 202 Mm diameter shortens 70 Mm, because there is 450 Mm only this now. Axis of corresponding ground X increases 150 Mm (- 25 / +175 Mm) increase 20 Mm with Y axis journey, amount to ± 210 Mm, the user embraces the free brandish that before be free, has no to asperse a space. For example, the cutting tool of 700 Mm of usable the biggest diameter and length 170 Mm processes work in radial direction (B axis is in perpendicular position) . Other configures a respect, mark of the 2nd acting CTX Gamma 3000 TC distributes 36 knives library. Knife digit can match through choosing 80, 120 or 180 knives edition is farther increase. Length of the biggest cutting tool is 550 Mm. Global head is beautiful: The 4th acting DMU 160 P DuoBLOCK®The further progress of the DuoBLOCK® series machine tool that the 4th acting DMU 160 P DuoBLOCK® of global head show is DMG MORI success, no matter elegant machine tool of this global head is precision, function or efficiency all rise considerably make an appointment with 30 % . In addition, the machine tool composition that improves a design is more outstanding flexibility. Outside dividing tall rigid characteristic, those who abound is modular the cooling measure of main shaft and innovation ensures highest treatment function and extremely tall precision maintain a gender. This machine carries CELOS® system, make an user relaxed have production. The 4th generation with extremely tall stability is all-purpose DMU 160 P DuoBLOCK® of 5 axes milling machine not only precision is tall, and performance is strong. X, Y and Z axis journey are amounted to 1, 600 X 1, 600 X 1, 100 Mm, suit to process a large number of work, weight of the greatest work is amounted to 4, 500 Kg. Round of type knife library of innovation (depend on configuration) offer amount to 453 knives (SK40/HSK63) , extremely tall cutting tool flexibility. Main shaft respect, the 4th acting DMU 160 P DuoBLOCK®Have the richest and optional high-tech on the market modular main shaft. Amount to from torque 1, the PowerMASTER® report main shaft of 000 Nm is amounted to to torque 1, the gear main shaft of 800 Nm and rotate speed are as high as 30, the SpeedMASTER® main shaft of 000 Rpm. Global head is beautiful: The 2nd acting DMU 210 PThe treatment area of the 2nd acting DMU 210 P continues to optimize, amount to now 2, 100 X 2, 100 X 1, 250 Mm, this is machine tool of door of dragon of DMG MORI new generation piece make. Showing the tigidity that rise and intelligent refrigeration system, include main shaft heat to expand among them sensor, ensure precision of the 2nd acting DMU 210 P is the longest hold time, precision is showing prep above previous generation type. Installation of the 2nd acting DMU 210 P is simple and quick, supported a construction at 3 o’clock, the specific power consumption of daily production drops amount to 30 % . Modular brand-new dragon door machine tool is optional of innovation amount to library of knife of type of 303 SK50 annulus and the richest and optional main shaft. 1, the PowerMASTER® report main shaft of 000 Nm torque and 1, the TorqueMASTER® gear main shaft of 800 Nm torque, special apply to heavy-duty treatment application. Global head is beautiful: DMU 600 G LinearBe located in DECKEL MAHO XXL center of Fulangdu is the – of base of production of bed of large scale computer with the modernest whole world the DMU 600 G Linear that DMG MORI is designed and makes provides highest surface quality and highest and dynamic performance for the user. The blame contact that this machine uses innovation is linear technology of electric machinery drive. Machine tool structure is not aimed at static state and dynamic tigidity to undertake optimizing designing especially, the sufficient cooling measure of component of machine tool structure, function and slideway ensures changeless temperature stability. The cooling technology of innovation and make by the functional equipment that needs to use phone this engine power is used up reduce considerably. Design of DMU 600 G Linear is used at weight to amount to the treatment of 30 T workpiece, dot load amounts to 15 T/ M² . The workbench size that mark matchs a machine tool is amounted to 5, 000 X 3, 000 Mm, treatment area is amounted to 6, 000 X 3, 500 X 1, 500 Mm. The ram that optimizes interference outline makes Z axis journey is amounted to 2, 000 Mm. Modular main shaft includes 12, 000 Rpm rotate speed reachs the torsion main shaft of 300 Nm torque, the biggest torque amounts to the gear main shaft of vertical milling head 2, 500 Nm and highest turn up 28, the electric main shaft of 000 Rpm. Global head is beautiful: DIXI 125DMG MORI expands again machining center of series of high accuracy DIXI, include relatively diminutive DIXI 125, apply to treatment diameter to amount to 1, the workpiece of 250 Mm. The dimensional precision of the DIXI 125 of larger type also M of μ of excel 15. The reason of high accuracy depends on blowing grinding interface by hand, the flatness after installation and linearity are as high as M of 3 μ , perfect machine tool geometry and spot space are measured reach compensation. Function of control of limits of 980 litres of cooling fluid box, temperature, powerful advocate refrigeration of drive, feed drive, slideway and machine tool structure is unit (take temperature limits to control likewise) and adiabatic measure, avoid environmental temperature effect, ensure the extremely tall thermal stability of DIXI 125 machine tool. Repass the hot compensation with every individual machine tool and with main shaft heat expands sensor (SGS) be measured directly and hot displacement of rotor of compensatory main shaft optimizes hot property. Global head is beautiful: The 2nd acting ULTRASONIC 20 LinearImprove the 2nd acting ULTRASONIC 20 Linear of the design in the round, brand-new the exterior and functional design, cover an area of an area only 3.5 M² , far be less than previous generation machine. Many function component optimizes promotion in the round, choose now match 60, main shaft of 000 Rpm rotate speed, the drive electric machinery with powerful motive force, power rises amount to 47 % (A axis) , bearing increase 15 Kg, diameter of the biggest usable cutting tool amounts to 50 Mm. Another window is axis of high speed C (1, 500 Rpm) , apply to high accuracy and Gao Sheng to produce force ground grinding of advanced material rotate of symmetrical workpiece inside columnar the cylinder outside reaching. Respect of numerical control system, the 2nd acting ULTRASONIC 20 Linear provides more new function for the user. During treatment, decide automatically and dog ULTRASONIC job parameter. The CELOS® control system with equitable distribution is special the CELOS® application program that offers a supersonic treatment, it offers supersonic treatment loop and main craft parameter, for example frequency, amplitude and output power, let an user be used adequately supersonic reach machine tool function.