Do obeisance to ear continues with the price of 1.2 billion euro undersell division is thought of achieve share

German medicine and pesticide group do obeisance to ear to plan to excise all and plastic business inside metaphase, selling with the price of 1.2 billion euro now division consider achieved stock, but the share share of specific preparation resale has not explain.

This company still tries to buy hill of the first month of magnate of American seed estate with 66 billion dollar before the end of the year.

Division think of achieving is transparent and plastic and insulating material and filling bubble manufacturer. A few a huge sum before the course trade, the equity that does obeisance to ear to be in this company is occupied come than already dropping 40.9% , but fiducial forehead spent annuities to grow 8.9% however.

The statement that do obeisance to ear expresses, its already were after stock market closing quotation, yu Benzhou 2 accelerate the book-keeping that is aimed at orgnaization investor to build archives, ba Kelai bank and beautiful flag group are book of couplet banquet Zhang to manage a person.

This company already agreed to defer 90 days to sell more division is thought of again publicly now achieve a share. Division think of achieving is to be in what the group that do obeisance to ear breaks away from to build independence two years ago to appear on the market company.