Domestic CNC lathe industry to industry and economic impact analysis

Numerical control lathe in our country basic can meet the needs of domestic production, product performance reached the international level;By 2020, the formation of perfect CNC lathe industry chain, domestic nc system and features etc fittings basic can meet the needs of domestic host.Along with the advance of computer technology, everyone is aware of the importance of numerical control lathe for the entire industry, high precision CNC CNC lathe, is our country the necessary premise of nc machining industry internationalization level.The development of high-grade CNC lathe promote the development of industry and economy.Domestic high-grade CNC lathes in the domestic market dominant, with several master core intellectual property rights, lathe enterprise with international competitiveness and influence, realize from the lathe producer to lathe production power.Shenzhen force with technology co., LTD., founded in 2002, with CNC CNC lathe, automatic lathe, CNC CNC machining center precision hardware manufacturing plant.For the overwhelming majority of customers with precision parts and components of various kinds of metal materials.Go specialization, branding route;Reinforcement: quality, efficiency, service, innovation and progressive business philosophy, constantly strengthen the standardization and scientific management mode.After years of market baptism, force and has grown into a highly competitive advantage of industry in the army.