EMO2017: male, AGE – W robot Angle compensation unit

As the world’s first robot Angle compensation device, the male grams (SCHUNK) AGE – W for all three axis rotation and Angle compensation, can fast and accurate processing of no accurate positioning components.While grabbing parts from the container, the module can provide the necessary flexibility for the end of the actuator, is suitable for machine tool automatic up-down material, handling and assembly of components and positional deviation problem.Manipulator or other actuators connected to the robot through the male, AGE – W, to the corresponding workpiece position can be adjusted flexibly, without detailed record operation process monitoring and control system, also need not precise fetching strategy at a time, so we can save the time of programming and operating at the same time.AGE – W section: male, AGE – W is a combination of rotation and Angle compensation can be adjusted flexibly according to the parts where the end executor AGE – W application: AGE – W Angle compensation unit;PZN – plus manipulator and finger according to the application of custom AGE – W in the direction of the X axis and Y axis compensation scope of 0 & deg;To + \/ – 13 & deg;In the Z axis (rotation) of 0 & deg;To + 19 & deg;.By compressed air to separate regulation of calm heart, achieve the best deflection torque.If the unit switch to its rigid position, use reliable ball lock, to ensure the high centering precision of + \/ – 0.09 mm, so as to achieve high process reliability in the subsequent operations.Using inductive proximity switch can monitor lock.Shell USES anodic alumina, compensating element hardened stainless steel materials, low maintenance requirements, longer service life.Installation of flange type DINENISO9409-1-125 standard, so no additional adapter plate, can be connected to all kinds of robots.The maximum horizontal carrying weight is 22.7 kg.(the original title: EMO2017: male, AGE – W robot Angle compensation unit For the robot end actuators provide rotation and Angle compensation function) (source: MM metal processing network)