EMO2017: Swiss fine machine MTR400HR series nc rotary combination machine tools

As clocks and watches of the world’s leading precision parts and components equipment suppliers, Swiss precision machine in continuously consolidate its movement splint and platinum, watch the market at the same time, the expanded superiority domain in the field of consumer electronics, the high precision auto parts, has been a huge success, for a Swiss enterprise scale is not very big, this is a very great achievement, but the Swiss precision machine was not satisfied with this, their ambitions, ambitious and determined to help more long plagued by precision and capacity of enterprises, through the Swiss precision machine, advanced technology, to help them to make a breakthrough.In view of the past experience, although Swiss unit and the machine is very good at high precision steel, stainless steel parts, aluminum alloy parts, copper alloy components such as mass production, but need more rigid, more powerful castings, titanium alloy parts and other difficult processing parts, still seem a bit overwhelmed.For this reason, the Swiss precision machine started MTR400 series expansion plans.After continuous optimization, Swiss precision machine successfully developed MTR400HR series, and will be carried out on the EMO at this year’s Hanover fair.Compared with the parent product, MTR400HR in retain all 5 surface nc machining and powerful cutting ability, on the basis of further improve the machining ability and expand the scope.Higher machining efficiency of each processing unit number of configurable tool to increase from 6 to 9, MTR 412 hr, for example, to remove two up\/down station, 10 processing station can be configured as many as 90 knife, meet more complex mass production of small precision parts.A stronger integration of motorized spindle axis C function of turning spindle, on reservation made products at the same time, the rotational speed of 6000 its power by 18 kw, 11 kw to increase torque to 19 nm (6000 RPM), in the strong cutting, power more energy, processing quality is higher.A greater range of vertical\/horizontal machining unit was optimized, the journey from 160 mm to 200 mm, high rigid structure, improves the spindle clamping force, improve the scope of machining parts.Through the above improvements, making the Swiss unit in the machine during machining difficult parts appear more leisurely, further consolidate the Swiss precision machine in the field of leading edge.(the original title: EMO2017: Swiss fine machine MTR400HR series nc rotary combination machine tools) metal processing (source: MM)