General China always 2017 10 big chemical trade sheet of a list of names posted up is plastic and relevant trade occupy 3

By general sheet of editorial a list of names posted up shows Hua Yongdao one, 2017 10 big chemical trade in, have 3 with plastic and relevant.

Ba Sifu company sells its nylon business Suo Erwei group with the price of 2.15 billion dollar, should trade rank the 5th. Nuo covers with tiles chemical company bought the ethylene business with subordinate Williams Olefins with 2.1 billion dollar, rank 6.

Factory of Port Arthur of Ba Sifu Texas

Another picket and plastic concern trade happen in China. British Petroleum Company surpasses his division petrifaction Inc. in Shanghai with the price of 680 million dollar the share of 50% sold Chinese petrifaction. This trades the platoon is in the 8th. Shanghai contest division produces polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and relevant raw material.

Ba Sifu bought the crop science business of the company that do obeisance to ear with 6.98 billion dollar, this trades rank head of a list of names posted up. 2017, global chemical trades amount grows 6% , but because do not have more large trade, trade value steeps fall 66% , for 64 billion dollar. This report says, the average scale that global chemical traded 2017 is 136 million dollar.

Although 2017 always trade value falls somewhat, the tall canal that Dan Puhua always is right 2018 still optimistic.

Chemical trades chief Craig Kocak says in the report: The dollar depreciates and tax system reform brought new investment opportunity to the United States. Continue as global economy outspread, finance loosens control, oil price to rise with advantageous taxation policy, american company will be become attract a foreign country to buy square inviting end.