GF A strange Xia Mier: Promote the production of machining center efficiency

Although say to be told to a factory or workshop, the promotion that manufactures efficiency is project of a system, not be the efficiency that promotes some sheet stage equipment absolutely that end is simple.

But, like machining center such crucial equipment assumes main treatment job in the workshop normally, because its price is higher, had amount is compared relatively little, often load is heavier, in becoming whole production chain ” bottleneck ” . Promote these ” bottleneck ” the manufacturing efficiency that manufacturing efficiency promotes whole workshop effectively.

With Swiss GF Ajixiamier’s MIKRON HPM 600 HD is exemple, it basically can be in the following link are economic handling time, improve treatment efficiency and cut operating costs.

Reduced production to suspend time: MIKRON HPM 600 HD has a variety of automation options, library of its MIKRON tray can be linked together with the manipulator device of many famous manufacturer receive. The optional automation solution of MIKRON makes the machine tool can have successive treatment 24 hours. This kind of configuration makes manufacturing halt time decreases considerably, raised investment to yield thereby rate.

Cutty changes knife time: Because used double arm to trade knife unit, MIKRON HPM 600 HD changes knife time to be able to reduce 1 second. And the alternative that offerred library of two kinds of compositive knives for the client: 30 knives of the standard knife library and patulous 60 knives knife library.

The total cost of the user: Newest rotate speed is 15000 turn / cent comes 20000 turn / what the Step-Tec of cent lists electric main shaft continuously is wide suffer favour to result from the design that its safeguard easily. The straight main shaft that list electricity means drive module and main shaft module is apart fittings combination. Accordingly, OK and alone and economic ground changes main shaft module, and drive module won’t suffer an effect. Undertake to bearing of compound pottery and porcelain refrigeration of successive oil mist assured the life of main shaft module.

The operation learns easily simply: Two light-duty doors that reach lumbar border high can be opened easily by operation personnel, can near working area freely thereby. Through large area glazing can watch whole process clearly. Why to no matter MIKRON HPM is deployed,plant options, can realize perfect accessibility.

Those who use place of new-style HPM 600 HD to deploy ” intelligence is machined ” module can help the control with simple and effective handlers machine effectiveness of precision, economy and working flow.

Anyhow, the efficiency promotion of machining center basically is machine handling time and auxiliary time two chunk, machine handling time is by treatment function of function of method, cutting tool, machine tool main shaft is mixed the element such as the dynamic function of feed axis decides; And auxiliary time aspect, automation system can be a very good solution. All the time since, the engineer of GF A strange Xia Mier is in two respects threw above much energy and time, in an attempt to is offerred for our client most the product with efficient economy.