Green source is electric sum up end of the year: Climb in in successive years of sale of special transducer market litre

2018Year on Feburary 1, dongguan city green source is electric science and technology holds annual meeting, green on the meeting source is electric announce a a bulletin of glad news: Green source is electric accumulate transducer sales volume to break through 10 thousand more than, climb in in successive years of sale of special transducer market litre.

Green source is electric the country that is Wu of kimono of a design that devotes oneself to research and development of frequency conversion technology and relevant product, development, production, sale is new and high technical company, draw together of main product contain is tall, medium, low-pressure driver of transducer, servo, PLC. Green source is electric and existing employee 200 much people, technical research and development reachs administrative group, all have experience of more than 10 years of industries. Depend on ” quality is good, the service is fast ” fame, green source is electric the core supplier that already became numerous client now, suffer reliance fully.

L  2015Year August, establish Dongguan city green source limited company of electric science and technology, go ” character transducer ” development course;

L  2016Year in March, research and development of TK100 of transducer of the first green source is successful, little scope checks, character is not stable do not appear on the market;

L  2016Year in May, green source transducer face city, character is stable, got of numerous client reputably;

L  2016Year in August, heavy pound rolls out the machine that note model special frequency conversion is energy-saving implement, green source marchs professional fractionize market;

L  2016Year October, establish countrywide sale network and service network, initiate green source ” foudroyant service ” ;

L  2017Year in Feburary, win multinomial software copyright and practical and new-style patent, green source compose builds system of own intellectual property;

L  2017Year in June, green source head push fast door special transducer GRE-KS100;

L  2017Year in November, green source transducer, relay, circuit board is obtained ” product of new and high science and technology ” title;

L  2017Year in December, have the honor to win ” enterprise of new and high science and technology ” title, green source character is approbated.


On annual meeting, can of Zheng Fei of electric general manager represents green source: Future, green source is electric the cost of research and development that will increase field of special frequency conversion, let green source transducer own more reliable property below all sorts of daedal environments, perfect service system at the same time, offer for the client faster more meticulous service, progressively implementation ” make technology of Chinese frequency conversion custom-built expert ” target.