Guangxi machinery senior vestibule school backbone teachers learn to dalian machine tool group

July 17-23,

2017, guangxi machinery department of mechanical engineering senior technical school computer retrieval MoXiaoJun group of backbone teachers, Liu Bin, Luo Yingyan, Tan Jie, under the guidance of vice director of Huang Dahui, to dalian machine tool group for a five-day exchange of learning.

the exchange is the main task of the study understand detection of machine parts and precision machine tool detection.Along with the development of The Times, science and technology unceasing enhancement, three coordinate measuring machine, such as the laser interferometer is the wide application of advanced high precision testing equipment, mechanical product testing and application of professional teachers and curriculum cannot meet the requirement of professional development, and to meet the mechanical processing professional skilled personnel training requirements, close the gap between school and enterprise, construction to satisfy the needs of the school development and liuzhou industrial enterprise development course system has become an important project of the construction of the professional.

in the process of exchange, the backbone teachers are the enterprise culture, enterprise talent demand has carried on the research, in view of the typical parts processing and detection precision, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine precision testing and dismantling of machining center spindle problems related to enterprise’s head had in-depth exchanges and learning, and discusses technical requirements as well as normative, for parts inspection and machine tools ready teaching module.