Guangzhou nc: intelligent welding power industrial manufacturing

On June 27, the 22nd Essen welding and cutting “fair in Shanghai new international expo center, the grand opening, the exhibition a four-day, attracted a lot of viewers to visit.Guangzhou CNC carefully prepared, with the exhibition a series of advanced and efficient welding robot, for metal processing, auto parts and manufacturing, and other industrial manufacturing in the field of welding automation provides a rich solution, make the exhibition a large window, attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to stop watching and advisory negotiations.RB165 \/ RH06 frame welding robot complete scheme demonstration RH06 aluminum formwork welding robot welding products from guangzhou CNC production of independent research and development of robot welding much money will be on display in the exhibition, displayed in different welding process and welding material conditions.IIW·CWS·ArcCup2017 international welding competition as IIW·CWS·ArcCup 2017 international welding equipment and the venue provider competition competition, during the exhibition, nc booth in guangzhou also can catch a glimpse of international players in GSK welding robot welding competition power under the fierce competition.By the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of education, ministry of industry and information technology guidance, the brics countries business council sponsored the brics skills development and technology innovation contest and IIW·CWS·ArcCup 2017 international welding contest is in China in 2017 as the brics rotating presidency of the important achievements and influence in the world widely, the specification is higher, attracted from Russia, India, kazakhstan, Nigeria, Spain and other countries and China’s higher vocational colleges, related enterprises and social organizations, such as hundreds of teams compete.Competition is China as the brics rotating presidency of the important foreign affairs activities and results of open, its aim is to promote the development of the brics skills and technical communication work, implement the brics countries related to the talent development cooperation memorandum signed related spirit, building & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;And the brics countries vocational skills development, engineering ability and intelligence technology innovation platform for the talents of international cooperation.(the original title: intelligent welding power value enhancement) (source: guangzhou CNC)