Hanno machine tool machine tool exhibition 2017 at Qingdao Drilling and tapping center window

In August, scorching sun.In this hot season, JM2017 20th Qingdao international machine tool exhibition will be the heat hits, landing on time on August 2, Qingdao international expo center.The machine tool exhibition in Qingdao & other;Intelligent, flexibility, Internet & throughout;As the theme, funnel mainstream scientific and technological achievements and advanced products, for exhibitors and buyers to build a more comprehensive, more intelligent, more perfect communication platform.As an emerging enterprise, zhejiang hanno machine tool co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Hanno machine tool & throughout;)Gaining momentum, will be there with seiko products, for the majority of exhibitors viewers more efficient and stable drilling and tapping processing solutions.A fascinating, please look!The booth of machine tool is C81 han.Nowadays, Chinese machine tool market increasingly competitive, emerging enterprises to & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Strategy to establish a good products, good technology, good service alone is not enough, has in the aspect of enterprise publicity of kung fu.Hanno machine knows, machine tool exhibition not only to show enterprise advanced manufacturing technology and machine tool products, can also help the enterprises understand the machine tool market demand, timely propaganda of the enterprise have a vital role.Therefore, hanno machine will borrow this exhibition & other;Action & throughout;Bring more partners and business opportunities for enterprises.Double work bench drill tapping center HNMT NT350 high-speed drilling and tapping center HNMT – TM850 hanno machine is a special machine tools and parts of research and development, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises.Since its inception, hanno machine has always been adhering to the & otherRushed to the customer is supreme, technology, unity cooperation, practical & throughout;The concept of development, constantly introduce innovative products.With advanced technology, exquisite production experience, hanno independent research and development of machine tool servo feeding nc drilling head, double servo nc drill attack power head, change table drilling center, and special drilling and tapping machine tools and other products have reached the domestic leading level, and is widely applied in automobile rubing matching pieces, plumbing valves, metal manufacturing, and other fields.This exhibition, hanno machine will blockbuster launch HNMT – TM540 high speed drilling and tapping center, high speed drilling and tapping center HNMT TM850, double work bench drill tapping center HNMT NT350, dual axis high speed drilling and tapping center HNMT TM850-2 t and other new products.Strong mechanical characteristics of control system, detailed, atmospheric design…In Hanoi machine C81 booth number, let’s wait and see!HNMT – TM5402017 years high speed drilling and tapping center is China’s machine tool industry of the whole year.& other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;The full implementation of, & other4.0 throughout & industry;Wave, & other;Internet + & throughout;The heat hits, further speed up the transformation and upgrading of our country’s machine tool industry.Hanno machine will take this opportunity to a dedicated machine tools of high precision, high performance, high efficiency, make & other;Hanno & throughout;Brand made in China on behalf of the card.For starters brand continuously attend trade shows for innovative product on research and development, hanno machine tools on the road has been rising.In the upcoming 20th Qingdao international machine tool exhibition, hanno machine tool will highlight constantly, pleasantly surprised unceasingly, welcome all friends to Hanoi machine to visit our booth C81.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)