Hanover GongBoHui China aerospace science and sign a cooperation agreement with Siemens

On April 24th at hannover messe in Germany, China aerospace science and industry group company with & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;, & otherIndustry throughout the Internet &;And & other;Equipment manufacturing & throughout;Three technology sector of a total of 48 elements, caused the attention of both at home and abroad.Group co., LTD., vice general manager of Wei Yiyin to on-site inspection instruction, and the scene of the reporter’s interview.In the fair in

, China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement with Siemens company, ten yuan, space cloud network construction intelligent plant project together with the three of Siemens, deputy general manager of aerospace Wei Yiyin and Siemens, senior vice President He Ruiqi jointly attended the signing ceremony.

in aerospace area beside a large electronic screen, the audience curiously stop to experience.Here, the China aerospace science and industry mainly shows the space cloud network international cloud platform and SMART IOT industrial IOT gateway.
in the context of a new round of global industrial revolution, China aerospace science and industry in China take the lead in building the Internet industry, promote technological innovation, business model innovation, management innovation, will be a new generation of information technology and modern manufacturing industry and producer services integration innovation, pour into a world first, China’s first industrial Internet platforms & ndash;& ndash;Space cloud network.
space cloud network platform since June 15, 2015 officially launched operation, to provide cover the whole process and total factor productivity service industry chain as the main line, relying on aerospace abundant scientific research innovation and manufacturing resources, integration of a wide range of social resources, to build on the basis of the Internet platform service industry, productive service as a bridge and intelligent manufacturing services as the core, supported by big data services & otherInternet + smart manufacturing & throughout;The product service system.

, deputy general manager of aerospace Wei Yiyin accompanied by Siemens company senior vice President of hannover messe He Ruiqi visit aerospace exhibition booth, the space cloud network, intelligent manufacture and so on exhibition project to give special attention.The exhibition space cloud network international edition in
officially launched on December 25, 2015, has now opened, German, English, Russian version, farsi, version in succession, such as opening, make space cloud network international industrial Internet platform, geared to the needs of users around the world.The platform to build a platform – the cloud, 2 big center & ndash;Global industrial resource center and global industrial trade center, focus on cross-border collaboration innovation design business, cross-border collaborative manufacturing business, cross-border industrial sharing center three kinds of core business.
at the same time, aerospace science and industry of the latest development product SMART IOT industrial IOT gateway is a connection CASICloud industry of Internet platforms IOT gateway, used for collection, conversion, brand industrial equipment, data processing and transmission of different manufacturers, and the industrial data and cloud applications, industrial big data applications seamless integration, and provides manufacturing enterprise with industrial equipment connection and use CASICloud cloud platform services convenient way.
in the equipment manufacturing sector, including exhibited at the China aerospace science and industry focus on high-rise building fire extinguishing system, glossy, wheels, heavy platform, emergency rescue equipment, special equipment, and includes the intelligent network system, large capacity packet microwave communication systems, value added tax such as the anti-counterfeiting tax-controlled system, system integration products and equipment.
among them, the high-rise building fire extinguishing system is a kind of use of space launch technology, control technology and information processing technology, in view of the modern urban environment under the condition of high dangerous sites, high-rise buildings, or other emergency rescue special fire fighting equipment, fill in the high-level, high-rise building fire control technology and equipment in the field of external rescue equipment blank.The product using high security agent asa, low characteristics & other;Green & throughout;Launch, composite detection, high precision projectile projection, missile launch control technology, will be carrying high efficient agent grenade fast, accurate, safe and reliable delivery to the fire area, through the way of launch projectile, the extinguishing agent accurate delivery over a long distance to fire suppression fires, space is a successful application of military technology to civilian use.
now, as China’s first high-rise building fire extinguishing system & other;Missile fire & throughout;Products, has received the ministry of public security fire product conformity assessment center identification, access to the national fire product identification certificate, obtained & otherHigh-rise building dry powder fire truck bombing type & throughout;Product qualification, formally entered the stage of marketing use.
at the same time, China aerospace science and industry took China’s first pilot project ministry of intelligence network in shandong province dezhou smoothly through the acceptance, in the last year on July 20, 12 June and the Texas region appears twice in the torrential rain, intelligent network by applying the pilot project pipeline drainage capacity analysis model, such as in time of water in the city’s key low-lying area change tendency, pipeline data acquisition analysis such as drainage ability, realize accurate flood early warning and to protect the city and the people’s life safety.

Wei Yiyin media interview
relevant person in charge of China aerospace science and industry, said in an interview for the future, China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD hopes to further enhance communication with members of the learning and world, actively expand international industrial science and technology and economic and trade cooperation, and vigorously develop high-end talent internationalization of industrial technology.China aerospace science and industry welcome enterprises from Europe to visit exchanges, the greater sincerity would like to cooperate with international enterprises to carry out, in order to promote a new round of global industrial revolution, build a global intelligent manufacturing system, the benefit of human society to make new greater contributions.
(the original title: China aerospace science and industry Internet platform at Hanover GongBoHui) (source: China aerospace science and industry)