Huanyu car: cultural soft power companies build development

Huanyu auto parts manufacturing company, founded in 1977, through the development of more than 40 years, from a small shop repair household appliances, now developed into sales of one hundred million yuan, profit tax is nearly thousands of county of the previous two ten strong backbone enterprises.Huanyu company the secret of success?& other;& lsquo;Forever pursuit first & rsquo;Spirit of enterprise, is the enterprise to realize transition across the driving force of development.Throughout the &;Huanyu company general manager Wu Gongyang said.
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racing culture: scaling new heights tree
benchmarking & have spentWere the first to fight for their best, and constantly transcend, huanyu company from had two entrepreneurial journey, the third time to open huanyu new entrepreneurial journey, from barely surviving decades ago to today’s spanning development, reflecting the huanyu people the spirit of hardworking, were the first to fight for their superior.
& have spentIn the process of enterprise development, huanyu company vigorously carry forward & lsquo;Forever pursuit first & rsquo;Spirit of enterprise, constantly strengthen new product development, continue to implement major industrial projects, enterprise development into the fast lane.In 2013, the company passed & other;National high and new technology enterprise & throughout;And & otherClean production enterprises throughout the &;Review, storage tax RMB ten million for the first time, a comprehensive open third venture new journey;In 2014, wing tai elevator to achieve small batch supply, into the elevator manufacturing enterprises, jianghuai, six teeth fork into batch production.In 2015, the development of various new products, 182, officially launched 320 series grinder OEM projects, enterprises under the condition of external market competition is intense, still maintained a sound momentum of development;In 2016, the new products are put into batch production, the year sales year-on-year increase of 38.02 million yuan, up 44.68% from a year earlier.
& have spentWhen it comes to the future development plan, Wu Gongyang said, by 2020, the company strives to achieve sales of 215 million yuan.The company’s development idea is: to strengthen new product development, research and development of CNC grinding machine and machining center, elevator product innovation, to achieve ten million yuan of above 2017 sales;Increase the intensity of technical transformation, plans to invest 50 million yuan of above, accelerating equipment informatization and intelligent;Enhance the level of company management and ERP system to promote applied to each link, continue to promote and strengthen performance appraisal;Improve enterprise service quality, customer satisfaction above 98%.
& have spentManagement culture: love of modern humanist
& have spentRecently, middle-level cadres in huanyu company meeting, Wu Gongyang suggested that employees are the most valuable wealth of enterprises, is the biggest driver of enterprise development.The key is to retain talent, enterprise development must follow & other;Three retention & throughout;System of principles, namely, to attract and retain talented people treatment recognition, retention.
& have spentSince its inception, huanyu company existing staff more than 240 people, more than 25% of them are more than 10 years old staff.Two workshop Yang yong in huanyu has been working for 25 years, has a unit pay him, please don’t leave.Yang yong said, after a long time, and huanyu have feelings, also likes huanyu development, this is not how much money can be determined.Still have a lot of employees in huanyu, like Yang yong.They work hard on their jobs, in order to realize enterprise development made a positive contribution.
& have spentIn recent years, huanyu company tries to build up a young cadres growth platform, let the outstanding young line to experience wind and rain at the grass-roots level, improve the comprehensive quality in the practice experience.In huanyu company, all the promotion of cadres and employees from bottom, from front-line workers to team leader, to the workshop director.On of choose and employ persons, introduce & other;The horse racing & throughout;Mechanism, all workshop director competition, other requirements of the job, implement competition.In training, organize employees to Shanghai auto, nanjing iveco, companies such as learning to introduce advanced experience and the management pattern, to build employee career competitiveness.On pay, overcome equalitarianism, no balance, no special, open class, income distribution follow the principle of distribution of work more.
& have spentThanksgiving culture: love shining glory in
& have spentOver the years, huanyu company in its own development at the same time, close care staff, to undertake the social responsibility, to create good corporate image.A sudden illness, director of the company heat treatment workshop, expensive medical bills for a typical family is a huge spending.Company informed immediately after the arrange car take him to the Shanghai east China hospital treatment, and the first time to visit, to 10000 yuan solatium.In huanyu, care staff details everywhere: dining room with free lunch at noon, at night, summer supply green bean soup and other food in summer;Organize & other;Send cool and refreshing, send warm & throughout;Activities, let employees feel enterprise the warmth of family;Organizations such as table tennis, badminton competition, rich after-hour life & hellip;& hellip;In enterprise development at the same time, huanyu company is also actively response the government called on, take the initiative to assume social responsibility, and constantly to give back to society, vigorously support the development of our county undertakings for disabled persons to visit to visit elderly and infirm, difficult people, with a positive, healthy enterprise image, has won widespread praise from all walks of life.
& have spentToday, after continuous exploration and practice, huanyu flowers bear fruit of corporate culture: the company has been rated as & other;High and new technology enterprise in jiangsu province & throughout;& other;Model of harmonious labor relations enterprise in jiangsu province & throughout;& other;Yancheng city high and new technology enterprise & throughout;& other;Yancheng demonstration enterprise informatization and industrialization fusion & throughout;And so on the title.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: cultural soft power companies build development) (source: China JianHu)