Igus: intelligent plastic solution for easy and reliable production process

Predictive maintenance is part of the 4.0 and future industrial factory.Therefore, igus developed a series of in & other;Isense”As the theme of the products, all kinds of sensors and monitoring module for plastic solutions become intelligent.Igus in hannover messe 2017 shows a new and upgrade the product.Including: used to monitor the new system of drag chain fully EC. The RC, customers have been using the intelligent optimization module of high flexible cable CF. Q, and intelligent slewing ring bearing iglidur PRT.
& have spentMake production process easier and more reliable & ndash;& ndash;In order to allow customers to achieve this goal, sports plastic expert igus developed intelligent solution, can be in accident and the high cost of downtime before the early warning of potential failure.A year ago, igus hannover messe in unveiled the first intelligent products.Because many customers have the requirements, a year later, we have presented a new generation of & other;Intelligent plastic & throughout;For visitors to experience.
& have spentContinuous monitoring to ensure the safe operation of the
& have spentAmong them, the new fully EC. RC (drag chain operation control) was used to monitor drag chain, especially the long stroke guide application of drag chain running state.Sensors will measure and check the position of the drag chain.In the event of mechanical failure can prevent equipment continues to run, this means that the drag chain or electrical problems (e.g., due to cable damage) caused the loss of all become the past tense.And all igus fully products, fully EC. The RC can avoid the unplanned downtime of the machine.
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& have spentIntelligent plastic series of product is another EC. M module, it is installed in the mobile terminal of the drag chain to automatically record status of drag chain, such as acceleration, velocity, temperature and cycle times.Take this can deduce the drag chain have been running stroke length and the remaining service life.Igus also optimized the CF. Q module, used to collect data of intelligent high flexible cable.By continuously measuring the electrical performance, environmental temperature and the number of cycle, can predict the likelihood of cable fault in time.Igus towline systems market sales director Michael Bla?Said: & other;In our test lab and let us continue to test data analysis in the client application is more and more accurate.Our smart products and high flexible cable has been the practical application in car factories used to transport the mechanical hand, and some other briefly due to unexpected stop cause huge losses.Throughout the &;
& have spentMonitoring of drag chain and the running situation of the cable only one module
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new fully EC. RC use different sensors to measure and check whether the drag chain is running.A single communication module can monitor at the same time a large number of drag chain and cable.(source: igus GmbH)

& have spentIgus last year for the linear guide, drag chain and cable launched many fully measurement system, and optimize the system data collection and transmission of icom communication module, data transmission is now almost no cable.A single icom module and easier to monitor multiple systems will data integration into the existing production.Moreover, customers can now the other manufacturers to monitor running data generation unit and icom modules together.Hannover messe in 17 exhibition booth, igus site shows how to use only one icom module measurement all sports drag chain running state.In addition, igus shows the new member of the smart series plastic & ndash;& ndash;Smart back wheel bearing iglidur PRT.Rely on called PRT. W sensor (& other W” on behalf of the wear and tear), namely an installation under the sliding element integration of notch groove wear sensors, to measure the degree of wear and tear, can ensure the timely replacement bearings, to avoid outages, and also help to increase the safety of production.
& have spent(the original title: igus: more intelligent plastic is used to improve the work efficiency) (source: igus)