In 2017 Indonesia surabaya manufacturing opening 20 exhibition fairs

In 2017 Indonesia surabaya manufacturing trade fair in Indonesia from July 19 to 22 Grand City mall, 260 companies from 20 countries.Fairs held will effectively promote the industrial development in eastern Indonesia.

vice governor of Indonesia’s east Java saifu muhammad yusuf host exhibition opening ceremony, he said in a speech, east Java, good economic development.Present at the opening ceremony were merchants from all over the world, business elite, and east Java province industrial and commercial bureau staff.Estimates that 7000 people will be visiting fair.
throughout 2016 and 2017, the construction in eastern Indonesia, under the central government pay close attention to and support, has made significant progress, speed up the pace.Including Rondo island, east nusa and Papua border construction.
in terms of transportation, according to the central government planning, the construction of the airport of Papua and sulawesi island, speed up the transportation of Papua, in developing new farmland, sulawesi and kalimantan railway construction, speed up the construction of the island of sulawesi several power plants.
this trade fair will provide advanced products to manufacturers, support various eastern Indonesia industry demand.& other;The exhibition of all kinds of production equipment, has a very significant investment value.Throughout the &;PT. Pamerindo Indonesia or leadership Agustina Firmansya such praise.
pt. Pamerindo Indonesia or manager Maysia Stephanie added: trade fair will be a business platform to communicate with one another, especially the latest technology of all kinds of equipment can replace traditional choice, to meet the needs of many factories.Exhibited
fairs all sorts of equipment parts, machinery spare parts, equipment manufacturing, fluid power systems, instrumentation, hydraulic power, etc., especially in eastern Indonesia maritime sector of ships, electricity, oil and natural gas and other facilities and machinery manufacture.

exhibition industry, precision mould industry association (AIPPINDO) in Indonesia, Indonesia polyolefin weaving manufacturers association (GIATPI), Indonesia machine Indutries association (ASIMPI), Indonesia mould industry association, Indonesia packaging federation (IPF), and its auto parts Indutries association (GIAMM), etc. To host.
(the original title: vice governor of east saifu presided over 2017 surabaya manufacturing trade fair opening 20 countries to promote industrial development in eastern Indonesia) (source: Indonesia international journal)