In ocean plastic how to sink deep-sea 10000 meters?

According to dispatch of Pvc plastic net, be in before among ten years, inside ocean small plastic increasing with very rapid rate, and this kind of trend can say to living to biologic of a lot of ocean cause damage, what researcher discovered one fraction inside deep-sea slop is plastic, but they are in to microwave the carriage means among ocean relatively scarce, the thorough researcher that accompanying research discovers a kind of special marine biology can be in deep-sea in collect and use up minim plastic grain.

This research that the researcher of bay aquaria institute has Mengteli involves California administrative division the marine biology with special to this kind vehicle of use remote control undertakes raising a test. According to considering to discover length of this kind of biology is less than roughly 10 centimeters grow, they basically live in marine surface the following darker place, they basically are to pass a meter wide agglutinant house to capture food. Should filter when seawater, they also can filter in seawater small plastic.

Researcher discovery, small plastic and passive matter eats off wh some of which, pass eduction of excrement and urine next, after sinking to sea floor. Other small plastic can get stuck to go up in mucous house, jam when the house moment, they can sink finally marine. Accordingly, the excrement and urine that adopts this kind of animal and mucous, can let the tiny model expect inside ocean amount to deep-sea most in.

In the experiment, researcher is a few more devoted small plastic, and this kind of special marine biology can be absorbed very quickly to them, be next inside about 12 hours is OK their eduction. Can discover in the amount of the bead bead from inside grain of built-in excrement and urine and size, the plastic grain of all sorts of measure that in Asian puccoon element has been collected and using up an experiment, use. And this kind of special marine biology building can move downward with 800 meters speed everyday, it is OK that this also shows building of this kind of biologic and grain of excrement and urine will small plastic ship deep-sea copy quickly from close surface water.